upodupódv [c7] MAG- act; -AN goal; I- acc/ben.mag-upódv accompany, go withHabo ako sa imo mag-upod pakamposanto.I do not want to-accompany you to-the-cemetery.ìupódv accompany for someoneIupod anay ako kan Boyet pagbakal sin gas sa tindahan.First accompany Boyet for-me to-buy kerosene at-the store.upudánv accompany someoneUpudan mo si Bobby pagkaturog sa inda balay.Accompany Bobby sleeping at their house.pakìupúdanv get along with, have rapport withIna na tawo dipisil pakiupudan.That person is difficult to-get-along-with.kàúpodn companionMaghanap ka sin kaupod naton paMobo.Find-someone to-be-our-incl companion to-Mobo.synabay 1companionbarkada companionkapwa fellowmanurúpodn social groupkàurúpodn companionspag-ururúpodn fellowship, companionshipDili ko malimot an aton pag-ururupod.I will not forget our-incl fellowship.cftakip adjoining partintra synabay accompany someoneabayaw Variantkàurupdánan

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