yamityamítn clothes, garments, clothingKadamo san imo yamit. Ihatag na la sa akon an iba.What-a-lot of clothes you have. Just give some to me.mayamítadj have many clothesKun ako la an mayamit, ipanghatag ko an iba sa wara.If I was-the-one-who has-many-clothes, I would-distribute some to someone-without.yumamítv [c7] UM-, MAG- act; -AN pat; I- acc. have clothes, use clothesYumamit na ako sin pasadi-sadi na klase pero wara gayod makuntintuhi.I already have various kinds of clothes but I am really not satisfied.magyamítv clothe oneselfNagayamit pa ba si Lukas?Is Lukas still clothing himself?yamitánv be clothedKadi na, Felipe, kay yamitan ta ikaw.Come-here now, Felipe, so you will-be-clothed by-me.iyamítv use for clothingIyamit na ina na imo bado kay malakat na kita.Use that dress of-yours to-clothe-yourself so we-incl can-go now.

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