salbarsalbárSpadj safe, saved, securekasalbaránn salvation, deliverance, rescueWara ka na sin kasalbaran.You have-no-more salvation now.Variantpagkasálbarparasálbarn savior, redeemer, rescuer, liberator, delivererSi Jesu-Kristo an aton parasalbar.Jesus Christ is our savior.masálbarv [c8] MAG- act; MA- exp; -ON pat; -AN ben; I- acc. be saved, be rescued, be liberatedMasasalbar na kamo.You-pl will-be-saved.magpasálbarv cause to be savedMagpasalbar siya sa iya.Let him cause her to-be-saved.isálbarv be saved, be rescuedIsalbar na kami kay malulunod na kita.Let us-excl be-saved because we-incl are-sinking.salbarónv be savedPwede na salbaron an tawo?Can the person be-saved?

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