lawig2lawígn lengthAn lawig san buhay san ido dyis padose anyos.The life-span of-a dog is ten to-twelve years.Variantkahalawíghalawígadj longHalawig an buhay sana na gurang na lalaki.The life of-that old man is long.maghalawígv [c4] MAG- act; -ON pat. lengthen, extend, stretch out, elongateSa huna ko lang nagahalawig an buhay sana na hukluban.In my opinion only, the life of-that witch is-lengthening.halawigónv 1be lengthenedHalawigon mo an imo istorya.Let your story be-lengthened.2be deepened. Refers to breathingHalawigon mo an imo hinangos.Deepen your breathing.

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