hugot1hugótCebadj 1tight fitHugot sa akon ini na pantalon.These pants are a tight-fit for me.synpitistight fithuottight2sincere, strong, earnest, tenaciousHugot an iya pagtuod sa Dios.His faith in God is sincere.Mag-ayo kamo sa Dios na upod an hugot na pasalamat.You request-it of God together-with sincere thanks.adv earnestly, tenaciouslyNag-ampo siya sin hugot.He prayed earnestly.hugót sa púsòadv enthusiastically, eagerly, energetically, ardently, heartily, ferventlyNagabulig siya sin hugot-sa-puso.He is-helping enthusiastically.hugót sa buótadv really sincere. The phrase literally means, 'sincere in the will'.maghugótv [c5] MAG- exp; -ON pat; -AN goal. strengthen, tighten, become earnestNagahugot an iya pagtuod sa Dios.His faith in God is-strengthening.

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