dakodakôCeb; Hlgadj big, large, huge, immense, vastInabot siya sin dako na kaalo.He was-overcome/arrived-at by immense shame.antdyutay smalldagkôadj bigger, largerdaragkôadj big plural, large plural, huge pluralDaragko an mga ilipanti.Elephants are huge.daragkùónadj large kindDaragkuon an inda baboy.Their pigs are a-large-kind.madaragkôv [c3] MAG-, MA- exp; -AN pat. can grow bigMadaragko pa ini na kababuyan.This herd-of-pigs can-grow-bigger still.magdaragkôv enlarge, become larger, become biggerNagadaragko an balod.The waves are-becoming-bigger.dakùánv enlarge something, grow bigger...segun sa kaugalian san gindakuan ko na relihiyon....according to the tradition of-the religion in-which I grew-up.kadakûann bignessantdyutay small

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