badlibadlîv [c5] MAG- act; MA-, -ON pat; -AN goal.magbadlîv dislike, hate, loathebadlìónv be displeased, be dissatisfied, be angeredGinbabadli na an bata didto sa inda duta.The boy was-dissatisfied being-there on their land.badlìánv be strongly disliked, be hatedGinabadlian niya an tawo na makulit.The person who insistently-nags is-strongly-disliked by-him.pagakabadlìánv be hated, be strongly dislikedKamo pagakabadlian san tanan.You-pl will-be-hated by everyone.mababadlîv will be hated, will be thoroughly displeasedNababadli siya san tawo na nagakinada sa inda balay.He is-thoroughly-displeased by-a person who continually-goes to their house (with requests for this and that.)pagkabadlîn rancor, aversion, ill-will"Dili ko na siya puede buhian," an sabat ni Violeta na may pagkabadli."I can't set him free," answered Violeta with rancor.makabaradlîadj abhorrent, repulsive

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