iba2ibáindef adj other, someHain an iba mo na kaklasi?Where-are your other classmates?kàibáadj different, strange, weirdKaiba man an iya gusto sabihon.His meaning is different.Kaiba san iya hitsura niyan kisa kasadto.Her appearance now is different from before.mag-ibáv [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal/ben. change, alter, transform. Refers to a change which results in a condition completely different from beforeNano kay baga'n nag-iba an ugali ni Rosita?Why is it that the attitude of Rosita has as-though changed?synbag-o newibahónv 1something be changedIbahon mo an imo ugali.Change your attitude.2sort, separate, classifyIbahon mo an daragko na abi sa tirigdyutay.Sort-out the big yams from the small ones.iba-ibáadj various, varied, different, diverse, sundryIgwa didi sin iba-iba na bulong.There are some various medicines here.

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