isog2ísogn fiercenessSugad la siya na kapinu-pino pwerte man an isog.Even-though he is just very small his fierceness is also really strong.kàísogn 1courage, boldnessKun wara siya magbuwa, di igwa untani siya sin kaisog mag-atubang sa akon.If he did not tell-lies, then he should have the courage to-face me.2braveryWara na gayod siya katiner sin kaisog.He really did-not-have any maintenance of bravery.màísogadj 1bold, fierce, courageous, viciousSi Mila maisog kag pasikat.Mila is bold and boastful.2braveHugpa didi kun maisog kamo.Land here if you-pl are brave.3cruelSi Pedro maisog sa iya asawa.Pedro is cruel to his wife.4sourMaisog na ini na suka.This vinegar is already sour.5strong. Usually refers to the alcohol content of a beverageAn maisog na irimnon, bino kag beer, makahubog.Strong drink, wine and beer, can-make one drunk.mag-inísogv [c2] MAG- act. be harsh, be cruel, be brave, be courageousDili ka mag-inisog sa imo mga sakop.Do not be-cruel to your subordinates.

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