a-3vb prefixaction in progress. The prefix a3- marks a verb for continuing aspect to indicate action in progress in both active and passive verbsIn active verbs a- is added to the mag- and nag- prefixes, thus maga- and naga-. The affix maga- indicates action not begun but viewed as anticipated, continuing, action. This is usually translated into English as a future tense verb but when used in past time situations it is contrafactual, that is, it indicates action that would have been done but wasn't. The affix naga- indicates action begun and still in progress. It is usually translated into English as a present tense verb. However, when used in a past time context it is translated as action which was in progress in that past time. The CV- reduplication affix is an alternate means of indicating action in progress. See the Grammatical Sketch, Sec. 5.24.(nag-)a(ágay)vis flowing. From the verb root agay "to flow"Igwa sin tubi na nagaagay hali sa ibabaw.There-is water which flows/is-flowing from above.(gin)a(gukdán)vwas being chased. From the verb root gukod "to chase". In passive verbs the affix a- is added to the gin- prefix, thus gina-, which has meaning similar to naga- but for passive verbs.Ginagukdan niya an tawo pero wara madakop.The man was-being-chased by-him but he was not able-to-be-caught.VariantCV reduplicationaction in progress

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