maymaymáymayCebn 1advice, counsel, recommendation, suggestion2talkative personSunudon ko an imo maymay.I will-follow your advice.synabiso noticelaygay advicepagmáymayn advisingHanga ako sa imo pagmaymay san kabataan.I admire your advising of-the children.mamináymayadj fond of advising, talkative, loquacious, garrulousMaminaymay sa kabataan si Patria.Patria is fond-of-advising the children.maymayánv [c7] MAG- ag; -AN ben; I- acc. advise, counsel, recommend, suggestMaymayan mo an imo bata na dili maghinakot.Advise your child not to loiter-around.maymáyann counseling officeAda siya sa maymayan.She is there in-the counseling-office.

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