aloálon shame, embarrassment, shynessInuritan ka na nagatawa ka lang gihapon. Hain an imo alo?You have already been-reprimanded yet you are still laughing. Where is your shame?kàálon timidity, embarrassmentNawara naman la an akon kaalo.My timidity on-the-other-hand is just gone.makàarálov [c4] MAKA- exp; MA- pat; -ON pat. able to shame, can shameMakaaralo an imo hinimo.What you did can-shame you.nàalúhanv NA-..-AN pat. embarrassed, averse, reluctantNaaluhan siya kahapon.He was-embarrassed yesterday.nàálov be embarrassed, be shamedNaalo siya magtakin sa tawo dahil sa iya hangot.She was-embarrassed to-sit-beside the person because of his odor.Variantnààáloalúhonv be shamed, be disgracedKun aluhon ta ikaw, tangkas ka sa trabaho.If I disgrace you, you will-be-fired.aluhónadj bashful, timid, prone to be shyAluhon ini na bata ko.This child of mine is prone-to-be-bashful.

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