sambaysámbayn concubine, paramour, mistress, loverSi Haring Solomon may 199 na sambay.King Solomon had 199 concubines.synkabit2concubinekabiyohousematepagpanámbayn promiscuous sexual relations, concubinageBawal an pagpanambay.Concubinage is prohibited.pagsarambáyann having concubinesAn pagsarambayan imoral.Having concubines is immoral.parasámbayn adulterer, adultressSi Julio parasambay.Julio is an adulterer.magpanámbayv [c2] MAG- act; MAGPANG- act. have promiscuous sexual relations with womenDili ka magpanambay.Do not have-promiscuous-sexual-relations with women.synadultiryo adultery

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