tabiltabílBklv [c6] MAG- ag; -ON pat; I- acc.pag-itabílv speak out, vocalize. This is a vulgar word for speakKun maraot, dili mo na pag-itabil.If it is bad, do not vocalize it anymore.cfsumat reportsabi makitabílanv gossipMas gusto niya sa luwas makitabilan sa mga amiga.She much prefers to be-outside to-gossip with her friends.cfsabi gossipmatabíladj talkative, gossipyMatabil ka.You-are talkative.tabilánadj MA-, -AN. garrulous, verbose, talkative, wordy, loquaciouskatabilánn gossiperpagtabíln speaking, gossipMakusog an iya pagtabil.Her speaking is loud.cfsurmaton word

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