padispádisn pairAn karabaw igwa sin duha ka padis na tiil.The water-buffalo has two pairs of feet.pagpádisn pairingSala an imo pagpadis sa amon.Your pairing of us-excl was wrong.parapádisn matchmaker, matcherSi Ruben an parapadis sa mga daraga kag soltiro san amon lugar.Ruben is the match-maker for-the unmarried-ladies and single-men of our-excl place.Si Juan parapadis san mga sapatos na naghali sa Australia.Juan is a matcher of-the shoes which came-from Australia.magpádisv [c8] MAG- act; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. pair off, form pairsNagpadis an duha na pareho maayo magsayaw.The two who-are equally good dancers paired-off.padísanv be paired off, be partneredPadisan mo si Lito pagsayaw.Let Lito be-partnered by-you in dancing.ipádisv be pairedIkaw, Alselmo an ipadis ko kan Aurora sa pagsayaw.Alselmo, you are the-one-who will-be-paired by-me with Aurora in-the dancing.

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