tiko2tikôadj bent, crooked, curvedTiko an hinimo mo na linya.The line you made is crooked.anttadong 1straightsyntiwi 2crookedmatikôv be bentNatitiko an bukog sa likod.The bone in-the back is-being-bent.tumikôv bendTumiko an kahoy na palupino san hanginon.The ipil-ipil tree bends when wind-blown.magtikôv [c8] MAG-, MANG- ag; -UM- exp; MA-, -ON pat; -AN loc; I- ben. bend somethingMagatiko pa ako san alambri pakahuman ko pagkaon.I will still bend the wire after I have-finished eating.tikùónv be bent, be curvedTikuon mo an punta san alambre.The end of-the wire will-be-bent by-you.tikùánv bendTikui sa punta sani na alambre bilang usad na tanda.Bend-it at-the tip of-this wire as a sign.tinikùánn bent placeHanapon mo an tinikuan kag didto mo utdon.Look-for the-place where-it-was-bent and cut-it there.

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