lupadlupádCebv [c3] MAG- exp; -AN goal.maglupádv flyNagalupad na an burador ni Leo.The kite of Leo is-flying already.makalupádv can flyNakalupad na an sapat.The bird has-flown.lupadánv be flown onto, be showeredNasunog an balay ni Roger kay nilupadan sin kalayo.The house of Roger was-burned-up because it-was-showered by fiery-sparks.paglupádn flightWara ko maabot an paglupad san eroplano kagaina na aga.I did not arrive-for the flight of-the airplane earlier-this morning.mataás an lupádadj very ambitiousMataas an lupad ni Genoviva.Genoviva is very-ambitious.

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