abangabángn roadblock, barrierAmo ina an abang sa mga rebelde.That is the roadblock against-the rebels.cfbara3 hindrancemag-abángv [c7] 1MAG- ag; -AN pat; I- acc. await something, watch for and stop somethingMag-abang ka sin traysikil.You watch-for-and stop a tricycle.cfbantay 2waitSi Celso nag-abang sa tunga san dalan.Celso waited in-the middle of-the path.ìabángv block by means of somethingIabang mo ina na bato sa kamino agod mag-udong an trak.Let that stone be-used by-you to-block the road so-that the truck will-stop.abangánv be blockedArabangan ba naton sinda Pedro para dili makadiritso sa inda kakadtuan?Shall Pedro-and-friends be-blocked by-us-incl so-that they-cannot-go-directly to their destination?

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