aliskayalískayv [c4] MAG- ag; -ON patVariantuliskay ransackmag-alískayv scramble, shuffle, turn topsy-turvy, turnNagaaliskay siya san humay na binulad.He is-shuffling the unhusked-rice which is-laid-out-in-the-sun-to-dry.cfbatingkay utingkay halungkay aliskayónv be scrambled, be shuffledKahapon gin-aliskay ko an akon mga papeles.Yesterday I scrambled my papers.Aliskayon mo an binulad na humay agod mauga insigida.Shuffle the hulled-rice which is-drying-in-the-sun so-that it-will-dry quickly.pangalískayn mixing rake, shuffling rake

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