angayángayadj appropriate, suitable, apt, befittingAn itom na bado dili angay sa imo.The black dress is not appropriate for you.adv oughtAngay kita magmuruutan.We ought to-love-each-other.angayánadj beautified, prettiedAngayan siya sana na bado.She is beautified by-that dress.syntahom angáyanv [c11] -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. be pleased, feel good about somethingGinaangayan ako pagkita sa imo.I am-pleased to see you.angáyav be entertainedWara kami angaya ni Maria pagkadto namon sa inda balay.Maria did not entertain us when we went to their house.makìángayv accept someone as worthynakìangay-angayónadj accepting. Refers to someone whose character is to accept people for what they are

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