hawanháwanCebn weeded areaAn hawan niyan san mga tawo haglapad.The people's weeded-area is now quite-large.magháwanv [c7] MAG-, UM- ag; -AN loc; I- acc/ben. cut grass, weed a lawn, clear the ground. Refers to pulling or digging out weeds or cutting grass in a yardMaghawan san dinghot sa natad kay hagtaas na ina.Cut the grass in-the yard because it is tall already.cfharas iháwanv cut grass for someoneIhawan daw ako niyo sani na parti didi san uma.You-pl must cut-the-grass here in-this part of-the field for me.hawánonn grass to be clearedDamo pa kamo sin hawanon.You still have-plenty of grass-to-be-cleared.hawanánn place where grass is to be cut, weeding placeUrupod sinda pagkadto sa hawanan.They went-together to the weeding-place.cflinis be cleanedparaháwann weeder. Refers to the one in charge of weeding, one in charge of clearing grass/weedsIkaw, Joselita, an parahawan sa natad naton.You, Joselita, are the weeder of our yard.

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