molistiyamolístiyaSpv [c6] MAG- ag; -ON pat; I- accmagmolístiyav pester, disturb, bother, molestmolistiyahónv be disturbed, be pestered, be bothered, be molested. Means to pester someone by persistently wanting to borrow or ask favorsMolistiyahon ko ikaw sin madali.I will-disturb you for a momentpagmolístiyan pesterding, bothering, disturbingDili ako urit san imo pagmolistiya.I am-not angered by your pestering.molistiyadóran female nuisance, female pest, female irritant. Refers to a person who pesters by continually asking for or borrowing thingsSi Lucrecia molistiyadora sa iya katarakin.Lucrecia is a nuisance to her neigbors.molistiyadorn male nuisance

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