ila3ílàv [c2] MA- exp; MA-..-AN goalmàílàv 1be pleased, be gratified, be delighted, be satisfied, be made happyNaila an mga ingkanto sa inda paggalang.The elves were-pleased with their politeness.2desire, yearn, want, crave, hankerNaiila siya magpaamerika.He desires to-go-to-America.synuyon handom desirealbor kàílàn yearning, desire, passionWara na an iya kaila sa pag-adal.His passion for studying is gone already.pàílàadj ostentatious, flamboyant, pretentious, affected, showy, grandiose. Refers to doing something hoping to cause desire in otherscfburutonboastfulsynpasikatboastful

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