kalamaykalámayn brown sugar. This is made from sugar cane juiceTagdos pisos an padak san kalamay.Brown-sugar bricks are two pesos each.kalamáyonv [c5] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal. be made into brown sugarKalamayon kuno ninda an inda tubo.Their sugar-cane-juice, it-is-reported, will-be-made-into-brown-sugar by-them.parakalámayn brown sugar makerSa Cebu damo an parakalamay.There-are plenty-of brown-sugar-makers in Cebu.kalámay-hatîn coconut syrup, cocohoney. Refers to a syrup made from coconut juice and sugarNaula an kalamay-hati.The cocohoney spilt-out.magkalámay-hatîv [c2] MAG- act. make cocohoneyNagakalamay-hati sinda.They are-making-cocohoney.

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