pilitpilítadj 1glutinous, viscous, gelatinousIgwa kami sin pilit na bugas.We have glutinous rice.2gooey, gluey, gummypampilítn adhesive, glue, paste, something to use as glue, something to use as paste. Refers to any adhesive that can be used to stick things togetherNagbakal siya sin pampilit.He bought some glue.mapilítadj viscous, sticky, tackyMapilit ini na sabaw.This soup is viscous.mapilít na dútàn clay. Translated literally it means, 'sticky soil'An baldusa wara sin siminto kag baybay. Puro lang ina mapilit na duta na ginhurno.The clay-brick has no cement or sand. It is purely clay which has been baked.ipilítv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. paste, stickIpilit ini na litrato sa dingding.Paste this picture on-the wall.

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