kadtokádtov [c5] MAG- act; -ON goal; -AN benmagkádtov go distant. Means to go distant from both speaker and hearerNagkadto siya sa lungsod.He went-a-distance to-the town.kadtùónv go toKadtuon ko an imo maestra kun matuod gayod na wara ka magligay kahapon.I will-go-to your female-teacher to-see-if it is really true that you were-not absent yesterday.pakadtoadv going thereNag-upod an duha pakadto sa higad san baybay.The two went-together going-there to-the edge of-the beach.mapakádtov will go there, be destinedMay opisyal na barko na mapakadto sa Italia.There-is-an official ship which will-go to Italy.synadtothere distant

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