halinhálinpart fromTaud-taod may umabot na didto halin sa lungsod.By and-by there-was-someone-who arrived there from town.synhali frommaghálinv [c2] 1v [c2]MAG-, MA- exp. come from, originate, begin fromAn kwarta magahalin sa bulsa ni Presidenti.The money will-come-from the pocket of President.synhali from2v [c8]MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. remove, eradicate, take away, eliminatepanghálinn remover, eradicator, eliminatorsynpanghaliremoverginhalinánn source, origin, cause, starting placeAn kadamuan na ginhalinan san ataki amo an grabe na pagdugo.The most-common source of an attack is serious bleeding.synginhalianorigin

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