abotabótCebv [c8] MAG- act; -ON goal; -AN loc; I- acc.mag-abótv 1arrive, reachNag-abot sinda didi kahapon.They arrived here yesterday.2comprehendabútonv arrive on timeAbuton ta an oras.Let us arrive on time.abutónv be caught up to, be overtaken and accompanied, be reachedAbuton ta an katapusan na biyahi.Let's catch the last trip.abutánv be overtakenDali-dali kamo kay basi abutan kita sana na uran.You-all hurry-up because we-incl might be-overtaken by-that rain.màabtánv MA-..-AN goal. be reachedTersiro grado lang sa elementarya an naabtan san akon ama.Only grade three in elementary-school is what my father reached.ìabótv cause to reach, extend toIabot mo sa amon an imo gahom sa pagpaayo.Have your power for healing reach to-us-excl.abut-abutónn eccentric person, temperamental person

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