tungtongtúngtongv [c7] MAG- ag; MAKA- exp; -AN goal; I- pat/accmagtúngtongv perch, squat on, rest on, settle on, alight, sit on. As on a long, low, benchitúngtongv something be placed on somethingGinatungtong ina agod makita san mga tawo.That is-being-placed-on-something so-that people can-see-it.syntungbaw place on topdat-og patong1variety of bamboomakatúngtongv able to be placed on/in somethingNakatungtong an tuo niya na tiil sa dagat.His right foot was-able-to-be-placed in-the sea.tungtúngann stand, shelf, bookshelf, ledge, sill, mantelpiece. Means a place to put something onIna an tungtungan san iya tiil.That is the place-to-put his feet.

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