uloúlon headNasamad an iya ulo.His head was-injured.uluhánn 1bed headboard. Refers to the board across the head of a bed, used to keep the pillows from falling offAdto an ispat sa akon uluhan.The flashlight is there at my headboard.2title, headlineulu-úlon handle. Refers to handle of sword, spade, etc.cfkapot hawid synpulo2islandmay úloadj smart, bright, intelligentMay ulo ini na bata.This child is smart.màinitón an úloadj irritable. Translated literally it means, 'the head is heated'adj malípong an úlo2say.v [c2]irritable. Translated literally it means, 'the head is dizzy'; MANG- ag. oversee, safeguard, look after

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