pugolpúgoln control, domination, power, ruleWara naman ini'n pugol sa akon.This no-longer has-any control of me.magpúgolv [c8] MAG- ag; -ON pat; -AN goal; I- acc. control, prevent, supress, restrainMay nagapugol sa inda.There-is-someone controlling them.pugúlanv control, hinder, preventNano kay dili mo siya pugulan?Why don't you control him?makapúgolv able to controlIni dili gayod makapugol sa iya.This is really not able-to-control him.papugúlonv control somethingGinapapugol ninda an inda sadiri.They are-controlling themselves.pagpúgoln controllingAn pagsurmaton ada sa pagpugol san nagasurmaton sani.The speech is there in-the control of-the-one speaking it.cfhawid synkontrol control

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