myimbromyímbroSpn member, associate, affiliate. Refers to being a member of a groupMyimbro siya san BSP.He is a member of-the BSP (Boy Scouts of the Philippines).pagpamyímbron membership, associationIgwa sin bayadan sa pagpamyimbro.There-is a membership fee.magmyímbrov [c3] MAG-, MAGPA- act; -AN goal. become a memberNagmyimbro si Jose sa isad na gangster.Jose became-a-member of a gangster-gang.myimbruhánv be inducted as a memberNano an pangaran san gang na imo ginmyimbruhan?What is the name of-the gang which you were-inducted-as-a-member-of?magpamyímbrov become a memberHabo siya magpamyimbro sa aton.He does-not-want to-become-a-member with us-incl.

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