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baˈbɑdem|ENGthis, that or there, more distant than ‘li’, also used to emphasize or as a topical marker|TPIya|ROExakiTang daxap buxu ba mala saing tang ditau.The two of them took that pig and cooked it.COMPOUNDalabathat
baˈbɑadv|ENGperfective aspect that the speaker is certain of|TPIpinis|ROEloCROSS REFERENCEloPERF.UC
baˈbɑcomp|ENGa complementizer or quotative, used to turn a clause into the object of a sentence or to introduce a speech clause|TPIolsem|ROEbiBaing bauna ma ba xap baxup.Then his mother came to get bananas.Bungina tang dahaxa mala, tibuna bala garanoa ba, “Umuga mala.”While the two of them were walking along, the father said to his son, ‘You lead.’
babaˈbɑ.bɑna|ENGthigh|TPImit bilong lek|ROEbabanoBaing tegu, buxua yunga komadi, saing mau ma gaxu Kitone taxa babania xaung rimania.But no, the pig left the dogs, and came and bit Kitone directly on his thigh and arm.WHOLEkialegPHRASEbaba namuhip
babaˈbɑ.bɑv|ENGto be a partner to, to enjoin|TPIporomanim
baba namunph|ENGhip|TPIas bilong lek|ROEbaban namuWHOLEkialegthigh base
babang hoxonginanph|ENGpelvic bone|ROEbaban tuano
babuˈbɑ.buna1|ENGpicture, drawing or photograph|TPIpiksa|ROEbabunBaing am gagoxoya muli ba am gabagu babu.Then we went back to watch a movie.2|ENGreflection, either in water or in a mirror|TPIpiksa3|ENGshadow of a person or other object|TPItewelCOMPOUNDbanggumengbabunawild onionmoxababunarainbowIDIOMrimang babuna wa manasomething someone else has made, someone’s workmanshipKEYTERM PHRASEharuanga babunaparablelipu babu hananianganaman idolater, someone who offers sacrifices to imagesPHRASEharua babuto illustrate, to say figuratively
babuˈbɑ.buna|ENGidol|TPIgiaman god|ROEbabuna
baduˈbɑ.duna|ENGlip|TPImaus|ROEbijonoHixi gaxu lipua ba badunia.It (pig) jumped up and bit that man on the lip.WHOLEsanggabodyIDIOMtabia badundino, to give a negative reply by sticking the lower lip out
bagakbagakˌbɑ.ɡɑk.ˈbɑ.ɡɑkna|ENGsmall bamboo species|TPImambu|ROEgirungGENERICbowabamboo
bagakbagakˌbɑ.ɡɑk.ˈbɑ.ɡɑkna|ENGlarge grass species|TPIgras
bagatiˈbɑ.ɡɑ.tiv|ENGto break in a snapping motion as in snapping a leaf off a branch|TPIbrukim|ROEroroti
baguˈbɑ.ɡuv|ENGto see or look|TPIlukim|ROEsangaNgahaing mala eta bimbia bu ngabagu wakwak numang tela.I went up on the mountain to see a wild fowl’s nest.IDIOMbagu yabinoathe bride price has been paid with the implication that food is about to arrive
bagu haringinaclause|ENGto stare, to gaze|TPIlukluk strong|ROEsanga paringina
bagu mangmangvph|ENGto blink|ROEmatai matai
bagu saxiclause|ENGto see through something that is transparent|TPIlukluk i go hapsait|ROEsanga mala patena
bagu titivph|ENGto not see clearly, to look around warily|TPIi no lukluk gut, pret na lukluk raun|ROEsanga xalaxala
bagu xabiavph|ENGto understand, to look and know|TPIluksave|ROExanga xai
bagu yabinoaclause|ENGthe bride price has been paid with the implication that food is about to arrive|TPIbraidprais redi nau|ROExang mana lohe sees fire
bagubaˈbɑ.ɡu.bɑdem|ENGthat, a mid-distant deictic|TPIem|ROElaileBungina baguba, baing ngabagu manga, waga, xaung axamang xangxana.At that time, I saw a plane, ship and various other things.
bagulaˈbɑ.ɡu.lɑadv|ENGirrealis aspect marker|TPIbai|ROEtoBagula tabo taungu bing taxap axaiba, ungunga, ubi baing taunguba.If we want to chew betelnut then we get pepper, betelnut, and lime and we chew betelnut.IDIOMkomadi bagula digaxuangan extreme food shortage
bagulaˈbɑ.ɡu.lɑna|ENGsweet banana species|TPIbanana|ROEbagulaGENERICbaxupbanana
baguliˈbɑ.ɡu.lidem|ENGthis, a near deictic|TPIdispela|ROExalaileKira li bagula buragina tayunga longga baguli, saing tala Goms.All of us here will leave this place tomorrow, and we’ll go to Goms.
bagulingaˌbɑ.ɡu.ˈli.ŋɑv|ENGto be envious, jealous, to covet|TPImangal|ROEmaran disia