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haˈhɑprep|ENGdown, at a lower altitude|TPIdaun|ROEpawaNgayunga haing gara ding dahaing ma. Baing nga ngawa ha tegia.I let my wife and children come back up. And I stayed down at the coast.CROSS REFERENCEetuaup.farhatayonderhatawadown (yonder)hawabelowyatuaup (near)Often collocates with lo ‘far’
ha-vpfx|ENGto cause something to do something, causative aspect|TPImekim|ROEa-Mugap sabuxanoa sok manadi saing harabangdi.A red cloud will envelop them and cause them to be lost.Occurs with a limited set of verbsCOMPOUNDhaburato group or crowd togetherhadalito do something exceedinglyhalunguto discuss in order to reach a concensushamaringiato straighten, to make right againharambangto cause to be disorientatedhasigito be in a state of being joined together without an active agenthaxangto feed someone or something
Habakaknprop|ENGHabakkuk, a book of the Bible|TPIHabakuk|ROEHabakak
habatiahɑ.ˈbɑ.ti.ɑv|ENGto resume something that is paused, to start again|TPIwok gen|ROEpabatia
habingiahɑ.ˈbi.ŋi.ɑv|ENGto announce, to make an announcement|TPItoksave|ROEpabingaCROSS REFERENCEbalatellbaxangainformbosayhalungudiscusshanaunauinstructhangixayadiscussharuasayharungiaspeak againsthaxuyaanswertabinaorderwagicallxusungaask
habisiahɑ.ˈɑv|ENGto press against, as in a crowd pressing against itself|TPIpaspas|ROEpabiabisi
habolabolahɑ.ˌbo.lɑ.ˈbo.lɑv|ENGto whisper, to speak softly in secret|TPItok hait|ROEpangugia
haburahɑ.ˈbu.rɑvw|ENGto group or crowd together|TPIbungim|ROEabura
hadadoxokiahɑ.ˌdɑ.do.ˈɣɑv|ENGto build up a fire by pushing outlying wood into a tighter grouping|TPIbungim|ROEgugungia
hadalihɑ.ˈdɑ.livw|ENGto do something exceedingly|TPItru|ROEpajaliTang dikinu hadali saing daxabia te, moxa ba ma sok manadi.While the two of them were fast asleep and unaware, that snake came upon them.CROSS REFERENCEdaliexceedOnly collocates with kinu ‘sleep’, meaning fast asleep
hadixidixiRamuk variant ofhaduxiduxi
haduxiduxihɑ.ˌdu.ɣi.ˈdu.ɣiRamuk varianthadixidixiv|ENGto be mixed, such as mixed race, mixed color, mixed up as in confused |TPImiks|ROEpasirimrim
Hagaˈhɑ.ɡɑnprop|ENGHaga, a place name, between Baximanamuya and Gambulanglune|TPIHagaEnglish
hagaganoaˌhɑ.ɡɑ.ˈɡɑ.no.ɑni|ENGleafstalk or stem of any type of palm|TPIpangal|ROEpangengi
hagaihɑ.ˈɡɑina|ENGsmall freshwater fish species|TPIpis|ROEpagaiGENERICsongfish
Hagainprop|ENGHaggai, a book of the Bible|TPIHagai|ROEHagai
hagamianahɑ.ˌɡɑ.mi.ˈɑ.nɑv|ENGto argue by means of a shouting match|TPItok pait, tok kros|ROEpagamiangaLabu hagamianau tai, hanaiu tai, axawa mana haing yaungamdiu tai, aharungia riaimdiu tai.You must not argue, steal, commit adultery, or speak against your friend.
hagatahɑ.ˈɡɑ.tɑv|ENGto set something in its place, to place a bearer on a post in house construction|TPIputim|ROEhutaAisam rai waxanga saing hagata taxaga mala angaxi ogania saing haing.Aisam carried his bushknife and set the ladder against the chestnut tree’s branch attachment area and climbed up.
hagaxaˌhɑ.ɡɑ.ˈɣɑʔv|ENGto assume or to think with an assumption|TPIting|ROEngapaliBungina xuni mali, bagu Mugariong rai ruanga, saing ma mana namua na hagaxa ba ramong.While he was fishing, he saw Mugariong carrying his bow and arrows, and came because he thought it was a shapeshifter.
hagaxanaˌhɑ.ɡɑ.ˈɣɑ.nɑni|ENGfemale of a non-human species|TPImeri|ROEpaingBaing komadi duxu buxu tela, mutuxuna saing hagaxang sabanga.And the dogs chased a pig, which was black and a large female.
hagaxepˌhɑ.ɡɑ.ˈɣɛpna|ENGflower species|TPIplauaGENERIChaidangaflower
haguˈhɑ.ɡuna|ENGorphan|TPIwanpis|ROErimbongaAm ganimam ba, am gawasa mana laing mati sanguam, saing hatata am gawa bila hagudi.As for us, we cared for her until she died, and now we are like orphans.
hahadiahɑ.ˈhɑ.di.ɑv|ENGto whistle|TPIwisil|ROEpajiBaing manga ba bagula hahadia.And that bird will whistle.
hahauyahɑ.ˈhɑu.jɑv|ENGto be coated, as in a tree coated with spider webs or vines that choke its growth|TPIraunim
haiˈhɑiv|ENGto break ground when beginning a new garden|TPIbrukim|ROEpai