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taˈtɑv|ENGto put|TPIputim|ROEtaBaing ta muxaxundi mana numa ba.Then he put the chickens in that coop.IDIOMta mana daxanga dianato entice someone to do something immoral, to cause someone to sinta maxana manato hope without expectation, to wait but be undecided about the outcometa ragunga manato hope with expectation of a positive outcome
ta-vpfx|ENGwe, first person inclusive plural marker on the verb|TPIyumi|ROEta-Ama taxap buxua mala numia!Come let’s take the pig to the house.IDIOMtaxap gamogamu tuanalet’s eat now
-tan > qsfx|ENGQuestion Marker, derives a question word from a noun, must be used with ‘baru’|ROE-taBaru lipuxinta xap sabungua ma ranguam?Which person brought the church to us?CROSS REFERENCEbaraxintawhatbaruwhatbaruamtawhichbarutawhybiwherebungintabiwhengaxareawhoCOMPOUNDbaruamtawhichbarutawhy
ta mana daxanga dianaclause|ENGto entice someone to do something immoral, to cause someone to sin|TPIem i putim em long rot nogut|ROEta mana xalu jemanohe put him on a bad path
ta maxana manavph|ENGto hope without expectation, to wait but be undecided about the outcome|TPIwetim|ROEta marana manaNgata maxa mana lipua ma hatata kimbo buragina.I hope the man will come today or tomorrow.he puts his eye toward it
ta ragunga manavph|ENGto hope with expectation of a positive outcome|TPIwetim|ROEta ragonga manaNgata ragunga mana axamana bagula sok.I am hoping for that thing to happen.he puts waiting toward it
ta tangalia manaclause|ENGto put your ear to, to listen|TPIputim yau|ROEta tangalia mana
tabalaxaiˌtɑ.bɑ.lɑ.ˈɣɑina|ENGcamp, temporary dwelling location|TPIkem|ROEyaungaLipu luwa tang dima disok mana buxua saing dahau mala, dila, dila, laing disok tabalaxayadingia.Two men came upon that pig and they carried it away, away, away, until they came to their camp.
Tabaresnprop|ENGTabares, a Mato clan name, a smaller clan or used to refer to the grouping of clans live in Baximanamuya, Gambulanglune and Bualu|ROETabares
tabaxodiˌtɑ.bɑ.ˈɣo.dina|ENGshellfish species|TPIsel|ROEtaboxajiGENERICgomishellfish
tabitɑ.ˈbiʔv|ENGto mark out a plot of ground by putting stakes or paths along the border|TPImakim|ROEtabia
tabiaˈtɑ.bi.ɑv|ENGto stick up or stick out a part of the face in a facial expression|TPIapim|ROEtabiIDIOMtabia badundino, to give a negative reply by sticking the lower lip out
tabia baduclause|ENGto express disagreement by sticking the lower lip out|TPIno|ROEtabi bijo
tabia badundiclause|ENGno, to give a negative reply by sticking the lower lip out|TPInogat|ROEpatiam bijonohe sticks out his lips
tabinatɑ.ˈbi.nɑv|ENGto charge, to command, to order to do something with authority|TPIodaim|ROEtabinaTabinaung ba uhauli mana axamang teladi, bing hauxamgu tai, usu mana haruanganoa.When he commands you to help him with something, you must not refuse him, do what he says.CROSS REFERENCEbalatellbaxangainformbosayhabingiaannouncehalungudiscusshanaunauinstructhangixayadiscussharuasayharungiaspeak againsthaxuyaanswerwagicallxusungaaskSYNONYMSbaxangainformharuasay
tabuˈtɑ.buv|ENGto be in a durative or resting state|TPIi stap|ROEbaBaing dibagu digoxi tabu mana angaxi rimang tela.And they saw that they had tied him up on a chestnut tree branch.
tabuˈtɑ.buna|ENGto have a restriction, to not eat or use something|TPItambu
tabuatɑ.ˈbu.ɑna|ENGwild cane species, edible|TPIpitpit|ROEtabua
Tabuktɑ.ˈbuknprop|ENGTabuk, the name of a stream in the mountains above Gambulanglune|TPITabuk
tagaˈtɑ.ɡɑv|ENGto be joined, to stick, to be in a fixed state|TPIpas|ROEtagaAxamandi ditaga sabalunia.Everything is fixed in the sky (clouds, stars, moon, sun).
tagaˈtɑ.ɡɑna|ENGWattled Brush Turkey, dwells in the mountains|TPIwelpaul|ROEragip kabalianaGENERICmangbirdAepypodius arfakianus
tagaˈtɑ.ɡɑv|ENGto thicken|TPIi go strong|ROEtaga
tagiaˈtɑ.ɡi.ɑv|ENGto collect or gather by picking up, to pick up|TPIbungim|ROEtagia
taguliliˌtɑ.ɡu.ˈli.liv|ENGto wake up, open one’s eyes, listen and then return to sleep|TPIkirap|ROEtaguliliBaing sabanganoa tagulili, saing bagu ba ina wa sababasia te, kinu maluxu moxa gamong lunia.Then his big brother awakened briefly, and he saw that he wasn’t outside, but lying inside the snake’s stomach.
tagutitɑ.ˈɡu.tiv|ENGto break something that is firm, such as a glass or an eggshell|TPIbamim na bruk|ROEpoga sapaMesa luki mala, haing mana wakwak hataxunadi ba, saing tagutidi.He got up to run away, he went on top of those megapode eggs, and broke them all apart.