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la1ˈlɑv|ENto go|TPgoBaing daxap tangadingdi saing duyudi saing dila numia.Then they got their bilums and slung them over their heads and went home.IDIOManingonoa ila baingafraidila xang teksomeone who went to hunt for seafood
la2ˈlɑprep|ENat|TPlongNaxuyanga ma sup la li.The story ends here.
labaˈlɑ.bɑv|ENto darken, to be in a state of darkness|TPtudakPHRASEsobaga labamoonless night
labianaˌlɑ.bi.ˈɑ.nɑni|ENdarkness|TPtudakBaing Daum ing ganina li labiania.And Daum was alone standing in the darkness.
labuˈlɑ.buadv|ENmust not, negative prohibition, introduces a prohibition clause which ends with tai|TPkenLabu uyunga yabama bu ula ukinu mana long teladiu tai.You must not leave your village to go sleep somewhere else.
ladi1ˈlɑ.dina|ENcoral reef|TPripBungina ngahaing tegia ngabagu honu tela gasi’m tabu ladia.When I went out on the ocean I saw a seat turtle stuck fast on the reef.
ladi2ˈlɑ.dina|ENhand-shaped coral species|TPrip
ladisonginalɑ.ˌdi.sɔ.ˈŋi.nɑni|ENdamselfish|TPpisGENERICsongfishcoral fish
lagiˈlɑ.ɡiv|ENto remove, to separate two things that are joined by pulling one out of the other|TPkamautimSYNONYMSbongpull outxupuproot
lailailɑi.ˈlɑina|ENtethering rope, rope used to tie an animal to something fixed|TProp
laingˈlɑiŋprep|ENuntil|TPinap longHaungingua wa mana xaidap sabanga laing bungbung, baing am gala muli Bualu.The fight lasted from midday until evening, then we went back to Bualu.
lakulɑ.ˈku?intj|ENwow, gosh!|TPolamanLaku, Kepas xaba xaba, mesa luki luki mala.Oh my goodness, Kepas screamed and screamed, got up and fled.
lala1ˈlɑ.lɑv|ENto heat something over the fire|TPhotimBungina uxunumia sanggamdi gauriding, baing ubura yaba bu lala sanggamdi sanga ba uxunumia sanggamdi gauriding te.When you feel cold, then you build a fire to heat your body so that you don’t feel cold.SYNONYMSyaha2heat
lala2ˈlɑ.lɑna|ENbluefish, tailorfish|TPlalaGENERICsongfishPomatomus saltatrix
lalaungalɑ.ˈlɑu.ŋɑna|ENthe state of being thin|TPliklik
lambiaˈlɑɑna|ENsago paste, a food processed from the sago palm|TPsaksak
lamlamlɑm.ˈlɑmna|ENkelp|TPgras bilong solwara
lamragalɑm.ˈrɑ.ɡɑna|ENwhite, spiked poisonous saltwater fish|TPpisGENERICsongfish
lamu1lɑ.ˈmu?na|ENtraditional female skirt made from plant material such as the new shoot of a sago tree or the leaf of a banana plant|TPpurpurBunging tela haininoa bo ba kisi lamu.Once his wife wanted to shred grass for a grass skirt.
lamu2lɑ.ˈmu?v|ENto uproot, to remove something out of the ground|TPkamautim
langˈlɑŋ1na|ENwater, liquid|TPwara|UMlangTadi saing sina anginga xaung lang nadi.He put them there and gave food and water to them.2na|ENriver or stream, any body of flowing water|TPwaraNgala ngataxi bowadi saing ngaxoxidi ma lang rubinia.I went to cut bamboo and I carried them to the river’s edge.3ni|ENthe state of being wet, soaked|TPi gat waraBaing Mailong bagu moxa bila ba, saing xung ubunia mari langia, saing langina muli.And Mailong saw the snake like that, and fell down on his back in the river, and got wet again.COMPOUNDlangina1wetusalanginarunny noseKEYTERM PHRASExap langato get baptisedPHRASEbanggum langinaspring or waterholelang buyamanawater that is not circulating or flowing, stagnant or brackish waterlang gamolinganaany body of fresh water, including puddles, ponds, lakes and seaslake, pondlang gubinanganadry riverbedlang kinianaclean waterlang mabianabrackish water, bitter waterlang maranadrop of waterlang maxamaxanaunderground portion of a spring, especially one forming a stream or riverlang maxananon-bubbling spring, especially one forming a stream or river, headwaterheadwaters of a stream or riverlang ngaungaunafoam or skin or scum on top of the waterlang oganafork in a river or streamlang rimanadistributary, a branch of a river that flows away from the main streamlang sabangariverlang ubunasurface of the waterlang xanacontinuous water source, one that does not dry up
lang buyamananp|ENwater that is not circulating or flowing, stagnant or brackish water|TPsting waraXaidap tela Hugai ina wa’m lang buyamandi ha tegia.One day Crocodile was in the backwater down at the ocean.rotten water
lang doxongˌlɑŋ.do.ˈɣoŋnp1|ENrapid water movement, as in rapids or a waterfall|TPwara kalap2|ENrapids|TPwara kalap
lang gamolingana1np|ENany body of fresh water, including puddles, ponds, lakes and seas|TPraunwaraDiluki mala, diri mana lang gamolingang tela, saing dikisi hataina laing langiding masup.They ran along, they went down to a lake, and they crossed to the other side unti they were completely wet.2|ENlake, pond|TPraunwara
lang gubinangananp|ENdry riverbed|TPples wara i drai