To the Matsigenka people, who adopted us as members of their family and made us feel at home.

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In memory of:

Fidel Pereyra (don Fidel), a man of great intellect with a passion for learning, who received us graciously and subsequently opened up to bilingual education the Alto Urubamba area -- one of his daughters was the first bilingual teacher there -- and also the Bajo Urubamba area, where two of his sons were among the group of pioneer Matsigenka teachers. Fidel Pereyra
José Pereira K José Pereira K., the first Matsigenka bilingual teacher from the Urubamba basin to become a supervisor. His death at the early age of 39 did not allow him to realize his dream of preparing a dictionary in his language, but his life was an inspiration and continual encouragement to those who now walk the trail he blazed.
Wayne Walter Snell (don Walter), pragmatic pioneer, visionary innovator, a man of great faith who never wavered in his lifestyle of serving everyone "any time, anywhere, anyhow". He was my faithful companion and beloved husband for almost 60 years -- most of them serving the Matsigenka people. Shortly before the publication of this dictionary he left for his heavenly home, where there was waiting for him an even greater joy than reaching this long-awaited goal. Wayne Walter Snell