Dictionary Entries Explained

Each entry consists of a headword which is linked to a definition for searching purposes. Next to the headword is the pronunciation in brackets. Following the brackets is the part of speech. See the Abbreviations page for a list of the parts of speech. Next there may be the definition of the headword in English and in French. Whenever possible there is an example sentence in Mbuko followed by a translation in English or French.

asa [āsá] adv again encore Anjahay mənjœk asa nà, ndaw pa ɗa daslam pi zek asa. After a little time the millet began to grow little leaves on the stalks again.

Words which have more than one definition which are minutely related are numbered:
aɗe [āɗé] 1happy heureux 2un souhait 3paix

Words which have more than on definition that are closely related are separated by commas:
maɓalak awan adj pas bien mûr, vert (fruit) ɓimbezl maɓalak aya awan

A whole phrase could have a distinct meaning:

ɗo si cœɓ way n charpentier

There are also words in Mbuko which have entirely different meanings:

ana₁ [āná] conj that (Adj + ana + clause) que (adj + ana + clause) Vəje a ca anan ayak na, a tavay, a ca akayak iɗe a məke, a ca anan ayak ana Ziyel i ga ɗəce, a gan anahay i zek wa ite. Quand le singe lui voyait, il s'est mis debout, il regarda dans le trou, il vit que le lion souffrait, il avait pitié de lui.

ana₂ part marque l'infinitif "Si pa 'am asa Ziyel, na nak ana mak zek asa na aday ka rac nen kutok ! Dorénavant Lion, si je viens pour t'aider, tu me manges d'abord.

ana₃ [ānā] var. gramm. de a₁

ana₄ dém ce Na jan na, "Guɗo liɓer anak ana ite". Je lui ai dit: "Coupe-moi ta corde aussi!"

anaya dém ces Aday ɗo ahay anaya fok nà, ti gaɗ apak mungwalay ɗaw ? So all these people are lying about you, are they?

ana₅ var. gramm. de à

Often the main entry is followed by another entry, called a sub-entry, which contains the word or phrase of the main entry. The sub-entry is usually defined. See the following examples:

halaf halaf qual le gout d'arrachide grillé

mugom a halaf halaf adj de bon gout (eau)

agay [āgáy] n chez soi A zla agay. Elle est rentrée.

day sə agay n near bank (of river) côté (m) proche d'une rivière