Mbula - English



ŋgaala1Nfish type (acts like a goldfish, lives in rivers, is considered to be stupid, never tries to hide)Ye borau, yokŋana.A stupid fish, found in rivers.kwo- ŋgaalaŋa-2quiet, not easily agitated, not make any fussMoori/ tomooto sa ta izzo sua som, to toso tomtom tana kwo ŋgaalaŋana.A woman/ man who does not speak [a lot], then we (INC) say that person is a 'quiet mouth'.
-ŋgaala2V_Intrhot enough to cook on (used of cooking stones)You itun tiama ma you isu ma ila kek = tiama iŋgaala.Fire has heated up the cooking stones and burned down = The cooking stones are heated.You ikan tiama ma iŋgaala, to ito meene rekrekŋana sala.The fire heated up the stones until they were hot enough to cook on, and then she roasted the sago on top of the stones.syn-muta-kuruk-ŋgalaŋ (Birik)
-ŋgaamaV_Trharvest taro, pull up out of the ground and tie upNio aŋla aŋgaama mok pizin Koobo.I went [and] got some taro from the garden for the inner island people.Kini imetmet kek, tamen ka tomtom be tiŋgaama na som.The food is ready to be harvested, but there are no people to do the harvesting.Mi toro, ni le uraata be iŋgaama.And another man, his job is to harvest.-ŋgamŋgaamaV_TrŋgaamaŋanaN_Inal_EventharvestingMazwaana ti na, mazwaana ki kini ŋgaamaŋana. Pa kini imetmet kek.This time is the time for harvesting food. For the food is ready to be harvested.-tou serembat
ŋgaaraN_StativeStativeoily liquid (yellow or tan in colour due to the presence of the oil)Moori taŋga ikam koroŋ boozo isula yambon ma yambon kembei ta ŋgaara.That woman put many things into the soup and the soup is a nice yellow colour (because of the fat from meat).cfweŋgaaraŋgarŋgaaraN_StativeBuzur sa ta sobe tonoi mi ka yambon iŋgalutlut/ ŋgalapitpit mi iwe ŋgarŋgaara, ina tina ta tapaata be ŋgaara.Meat that we (INC) boil and the soup from it is oily, that is what we call nggaara.cfweŋgaara
-ŋgal2V_Tradd a few more to a group to complete their number, completeMatias ikam Yudas muriini mi iŋgal zin laamuru mi ta ma ila imun mini.Matias took Judas' place and joined the eleven, so that their number was again full.Tomtom pakan timar ma tiŋgal ti, to tarao.If some people come and join us (INC), then there will be enough of us.
-ŋgal3V_Trpierce (penetrate something perpendicularly to its surface), spear, stab, stick, jabthrow a spear at somethingNio aŋgal ŋge (aŋzem marake/izi).I threw a spear at the pig (I release the spear [from my hand]).Wooro matanmatanŋana iŋgal nomoŋ.A thorny vine stuck my hand.produce a new shootNi ka kem iŋgal.New shoots are coming forth from the coconut flower sheath.Ni ta waswaaza na, tiwe bibip kek? Wai, tiŋgal kek.Those coconuts that you (SG) planted, have they become big already? Hey, they are already bearing fruit.stingSombe zirkuumbu iŋgalu, nako re yoyouŋana biibi.If a scorpion stings you, you will have a lot of pain.inject, give someone a shot (injection)Dokta iŋgal yo.The doctor gave me a shot.bubble upBuri na mbeere ŋgalŋgal i.Just now it is starting to bubbledry (used of the effect of fire or smoke on food)Sombe lende koi iweene, som yagoŋ iweene, to timbit se you mataana, bekena you/ka koi iŋgalŋgal (=ikudut)If we (INC) have tobacco seeds or corn seeds, then we hang them up above a fire so that the fire/smoke dries them. (=it smokes them dry)dish out, serveAmgal kan kini ila plet. (=zoobo sula)We (EXC) dished out food for them onto the plates.Central-pai (Northern)sew up (roof thatching)Moori tipai, mi tomooto tiŋgal kooto.The women take off the midribs of the sago leaves and the men sew the leaves onto sticks [making the thatching].hollow outZin tiŋgal wooŋgo leleene.They hollowed out the inside of the canoe.syn-kan-sap2affect strongly, convict, make a strong impression (used of words, speech)Sua iŋgal zin, to tiurla.The talk affected them strongly (Lit. 'pierced them', i.e. their hearts), and then they believed.-ŋgalŋgalV_Trone who is always accusingNi tomtom ki iŋgalŋgal sua.He is always accusing.-ŋgal wakpound, mash starchy pudding (made of tapioca or taro and galip nut or coconut oil)Zin naŋgaŋ tiŋgal wak pa kuŋ niini.The young men mashed the starchy pudding with a stick.kwo- iŋgal2warn, remind (Lit. 'mouth pierces')Kwoŋ iŋgalŋgal Atai be mataana iŋgal nol.I kept reminding Atai about the market.keep talking aboutKwon iŋgalŋgal tomtom un pitŋana ndabok.They are talking too much about people's ancestries. They should stop it.mata- parŋgal2look at each otherMatan parŋgal zin.They looked at each other.mata- iŋgalremember, think of, be aware (Lit. 'eye pierce')-ŋgal kopo-2stir, incite (Lit. 'pierce the stomach')-ŋgal lele-2convict, convince, persuade (Lit. 'pierce the insides')Sua ki Yesu iŋgal leleŋ ma ŋgar tio itooro kat.Jesus' words convicted me and my thinking really changed.-ŋgal mata-2chastize, punish in order to correct (Lit. 'pierce the eye')confront and condemn (often pointing one's finger towards the accused person's eyes as well)-ŋgal sua pa1accuse someone (often without a real basis) (Lit. 'stick talk at')Zin timbel sua ŋgalŋana pu.They kept accusing you.Tiŋgalŋgal sua pakaamŋana pio.They kept accusing me falsely.-ŋgal talŋa-inform someone confidentially about what other people have said, tip off, tell a secret (Lit. 'pierce the ears')warn secretly
-ŋgalakenV_Trjoin together, put togetherŊgalaken ke mataana ru.Join the two ends of the timber together.Tiroŋ ipol mi dokta iŋgalaken tiroŋ mini.My bone broke, and the doctor joined the bone ends back together again.Ŋgalaken you, pa inabe imeete na (=ur kiliiti matan ila mbata).Put the pieces of burning wood closer together, for [the fire] is about to go out.-ŋgalakenkenV_Intr/TrTiroŋ ta boozomen iŋgalakenken ma aŋwe tomtom.All my bones were knit together and I became a person.
ŋgalaŋ1NCroton plant, decorative red, yellow, and green leavesTomooto tiboogo ŋgalaŋ ma iwe pesel mi tirak kai.The men broke off some Croton leaves for their backside decorations and danced the kai dance.Timbalis pikin kwoono pa ŋgalaŋ baba. Pa itaŋtaŋ mete.They rubbed the child's mouth with a wide Croton leaf. For s/he cried a lot.ŋgalaŋ ki toonoleaf used as land boundary/ border marking/ landmarkŋgalaŋ baba/ babaŋanatype of Croton leaf with broad leaveŋgalaŋ man wiiniCroton typeŋgalaŋ kuzi wiiniCroton type (very narrow leaves)
-ŋgalaŋ2V_IntrStativebe clear, be transparent, be clean, be pureYok iŋgalaŋ kat.The water is really clean/clear.Koroŋ tana iŋgalaŋ kat kembei ta ŋgalas.That thing is very clear/ transparent like glass.Ŋguuru yam pa siŋ ku potomŋana tana ma amgalaŋ kat.Wash us (EXC) with that holy blood of yours (SG) and [make us] truly clean.hot enough to cook onYou ikan tiama ma iŋgalaŋ, to ito meene rekrekŋana sala.The fire heated up the stones until they were hot enough to cook on, and then she roasted the sago on top of the stones.ŋgalaŋŋa-N_Inal_Stativeclear, transparent, clean, pureyok ŋgalaŋŋanaclear waterlele- ŋgalaŋŋanaclean, pure heartBirik-ŋgaala (Yaŋla)
ŋgalapitpitNObl Redupka- ŋgalapitpitgrease or oil that floats on the surface of waterKere pa disel. Pa isula tai ma ka ŋgalapitpit ise i. Kokena naŋgaŋ tiwe, to disel ka ŋgalapitpit isekap la kulin.Look out for diesel. For it has gone down into the sea and now its grease/oil is rising and floating on the surface of the water. If the kids bathe [there], the diesel oil floating on the surface of the water will get on their skin.Zin moori tinoi ŋge ma ka yambon ŋgalapitpit.The women boiled pork and the grease rose to the surface of the water.Yaŋla
-ŋgalapitpitV_IntrStativebe greasy and tasty (used of soup)Ŋge mbuyeene isula kuuru, ta ka yambon iŋgalapitpit.It is because the pork fat went down into the pot that the soup is nice and greasy.Man mbuyeene mete, ta ka yambon iŋgalapitpit.The chicken had a lot of fat, so the soup is nice and greasy.synŋgalutŋa-ŋgalapitpitŋa-N_Inal_Stativemurky, not clearSombe yok mi tai tilup, to tere kei ta ŋgalapitpitŋana.If fresh water and salt water join together, then we [will] see that the water is murky.-ŋgalut
-ŋgalke1subentry of-ke5
-ŋgalke2V_TrCompoundrinse off (clothes, plates, saucepans)Tuŋguuru mburu tiŋtiiŋgiŋana, to taŋgalke pa yok ŋgalaŋŋana.We (INC) wash the muddy clothes, and then rinse them with clean water.syn-yelke2