Mbula - English



-baadaV_Trcarry on one's shoulder, hanging from the shoulder or one's backNio aŋbaada kaari.I carried a stringbag hanging from my shoulder.Nio aŋyembut leŋ simber be aŋbuk meene tio ila mi aŋbaada ma aŋla kar.I cut myself a stick to tie my sago to and carried it to the village.-baada pataŋana1endure trouble, suffer, experience hardship-baada sanaana (ka kadoono)bear the penalty of wrongdoing/sin, suffer the consequences of wrongdoingYesu ibaada sanaana kiti ka kadoono.Jesus bore the penalty of our (INC) sins.-badbaadaV_Trbaadaŋa-N_Inal_Stativemedium-sized (used of male pigs that can be carried by one person)Nio aŋre ŋge baadaŋana.I saw a medium-sized male pig.baadaŋanaN_Inal_Eventcarrying, act of carrying
baadaŋa-subentry of-baada
baadaŋanasubentry of-baada
baba1N_StativeStativegenerally, non-specifically (used of speech)figurativelyNi iso sua baba.He spoke in general terms or using figurative language (rather than specifically addressing a particular person. But the person in audience to whom the talk is directed will recognize that he is being spoken to.)
-baba2V_IntrStativebe wide, broadKe ti ruunu ibaba kat.This tree's leaf is really wide.flatToono ibaba kat.The ground is very flat.Ruumu tina uteene, ina ibaba mete.The roof of that house, it is too flat.Kuri na, wiini ikeene baba.A dolphin, its tail is oriented horizontally [rather than being vertical like the tails of most fish].babaŋa-N_Inal_Stativewide, broadKar keteene babaŋana.The center of the village is wide.Zin timbat ke runrun babaŋan.They tied wide leaves together.width, breadth, distance from one side to the otherBabaŋana ki ruumu kembei re tel.The width of the house is approximately 3 armspans.kuzu- babaŋanabroad-nosed (like Asian people, opp. of 'kuzu- mbin')
-babalV_Trswing someone by their armsBabali se ndemem, mi mbisi ma la.Swing him up on your back and carry him away.Babal pikin ma isu.Swing the child down.
babaŋa-subentry of-baba2
babur baburN_EventObl RedupflappingMiiri iwi ni ruunu, to ikam babur babur.The wind blew the coconut leaves and they were flapping.cfburburbaburbaburŋa-N_Inal_Stativeflapping, too wideTrausis tiŋgi irao som. Baburbaburŋana mete.These pants don't fit. They flap (because the legs are too wide).
badaNClassifierbundle which can be carried by one personkooto bada taone bundle of sago leaves which can be carried by one person
badaanaŋa-N_Inal_StativeNmz Stative Redupslow in getting going, sluggish, dawdlingIso sorok be ila, mi loŋa mi burup som.He says he is going without really meaning it, but doesn't quickly get up [and go].Tomtom tana ni badaanaŋana kat. Loŋa mi imaŋgaŋga som. Ni ta kembeinaŋana.That man is really slow in getting going. He does not get up quickly. He has [always] been like that.patapataŋa-; mata- ramraambaŋa-Yaŋla
-badbaadasubentry of-baada
baenNwineyok baenEnglish, Tok Pisin
baibaiNplace or time of mourning (where people stay after someone has been buried)Tomtom timbot baibai leleene.People were in the place of mourning.Ni izem baibai.He came out of the place of mourning.Pula sananŋana imap, to tiyooto pa baibai.Once the mourning period is finished, then they go out from the place of mourning.
baiŋa-N_Inal_StativeNmz Stativepoor-tasting, bad-tastingwe, kun, serembat baiŋanapoor-tasting mango, breadfruit, sweet potatoruŋgu- baiugly looking (insult)Ywe, ruŋgum bai!Yuck, you are really ugly!
bakaiN_EventEventmistreatment, poor treatment, mishandling, abuseSo kam bakai pini, inako ikanu.If you (SG) mistreat it, it will bite you.kalŋa- bakai pa1speak angrily at, harshly atNi leleene be ileŋ sua kiti som, tana ipekel raama kalŋaana bakai piti.He didn't want to listen to our (INC) talk, therefore he answered harshly to us.bakaiŋa-N_Inal_Stativebad, nasty, abusive, harshmbulu bakaiŋananasty, abusive behaviourIkam sua bakaiŋana pio. Irao pa ŋgar tio som.He spoke harsh talk to me. It wasn't acceptable in my opinion.poorUraata kini bakaiŋana.His work is poor.bakaikaiŋa-nastyLutuŋ bakaikaiŋana kat. Ila pun waene toro ma itaŋ.My child is really nasty. He went [and] hit his friend and [made] him cry.
bakaiŋa-subentry ofbakai
bakŋa-N_Inal_StativeNmz Stativenama- bakŋa-accurate in throwing something, sure-handedNi nama(ana) bakŋana. Ilu izi na, irao itop som. Tiŋ ila.He is very accurate. When he throws a spear, it doesn't fall down [without hitting the target]. It goes straight to the target.nama- alalaŋa-Marile
-balakV_Trdivide upBalak mburu ku ma pakaana imbot, mi pakaana ila.Divide up your (SG) things, and some will stay, and some will go.syn-parpeete-reege-yapaalaV_Middledivide, break up into groups, divide into factionsZin tibalak zin. Zitun ma timbot la lupŋana boozomen.They broke up into many factions/ groups. It is their own fault that now they are in many different groups.Tibalak pa malmal bekena tiwe ru mi tire zin kan koi bizin.They divided up into two groups for the fight in order to handle (Lit. 'see') their enemies.Tibalak pa kini reegeŋana.They divided up into groups for the distribution of food.cf-parbalak-yapaala
balbut1Nstick for hitting, knocking things down(used when gathering galip nuts, mangoes, etc.)