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-daabaV_Trput something inside, push inside, stuff insideKala kakam kini ma kamar kadaaba lela badabada kiti.Go and get the food and put it inside our (INC) storage area.fill upNiom munmun na, kadaaba ruumu loŋa pepe. Pa zin kolman timar i.You little ones, don't fill up the house so quickly. For the old people are coming.devour food, stuff oneself with foodDaaba kini rimos!Don't stuff yourself with food!syn-puŋgaara-dabdaabaV_TrOu, kadabdaaba mi riŋa. Pa gaaga!Hey, go easy on stuffing yourselves. Leave something for tomorrow!daabaŋa-N_Inalfilled up, stuffedkiri daabaŋanabasket that is completely filled up-padaban1V_Trfill up completely
-daabakaalaV_Trsiŋ idaabakaalablack and blue, bruisedSiŋ idaabakaala mataana.He had a black eye.bleed internally, hemorrhageMoori tana ipeebe, tona siŋ idaabakaali ma imeete.That woman gave birth and then had heavy internal bleeding and died.Pikin muriini isu som, ta siŋ idaabakaala i.[It was because] the placenta did not come out that she was bleeding internally.
daabaŋa-subentry of-daaba
-daadaV_Trpull something tight horizontally, draw tight, tighten (rope, cane)-dadaDaada wooro!Pull the rope tight!Kadaada ma ndeŋdeŋ pepe. Ko put.Don't pull it too tight lest it snap in two.Tidaada teene ma iliu ruumu.They pulled the cane around the house.Aŋdaada talŋaana.I pulled his ear (in order to punish him).Peene naana ka palam imorou. Kadaada mini ma ndeŋdeŋ.The bowstring is loose. Pull it on again and [make it] tight.syn-liibitie up somethingNi ikam marakete mi iup lae pa ŋge ta tidaada i lae mbaruumu na.He took a spear and speared at the pig that they had tied up under the house.Ŋge tana, kala kadaada i lela mbaruumu ti.That pig, go tie it up under that house.hold someone backKadaada yo pepe. Nio iŋgi be aŋla pa uraata. Pa zoŋ mataana ise kek.Don't hold me back. I am about to go to work. For the sun has already risen.-dadaadaV_Tr-daada laehide oneself in order to escape from something (rain, enemies), hide out in, take shelter, take refugeAmtartaara meene, mi yaŋ isu, to amdaada yam lae meene uunu.We (EXC) were chopping down the sago palm, but when the rain came, then we hid ourselves at the base of the sago palm/ took shelter close at the base of the sago palm..Zin wal sananŋan tiketo yo ma timar, to aŋdaada yo lae zaala zilŋaana, mi zin tikam aus ma tila.Some criminals were chasing after me, so then I hid myself by the side of the road and they went past me.-ke-daadakaala1V_Trprotect, close off (by fencing or roping an area, in order to prevent people or animals from going inside)Daadakaala zaala pa wooro.Close off the road with a rope.Kadaadakaala zaala, pa iŋgi kuumbu boozo.Close off the road, for now there is much stealing going on.-padaada sua1argue back and forth over something, wrangle over words, have a dispute (in a meeting, Lt. 'intensely pull talk')daadaŋa-N_Inal_StativetightenedTeene daadaŋana tiŋga, ndeŋdeŋ kat som. Kala kadaada mini.That tightened cane is not really tightly drawn. Go and pull it tight again.dadaadaŋa-N_Inal_StativestringyKun abe tiŋgi, mazaana dadaadaŋana.This ripe breadfruit, its flesh is very stringy.stretchy, ductileKun siŋiini ina dadaadaŋana.The sap of a breadfruit tree is stretchy.
-daada laesubentry of-daada
daadaŋa-subentry of-daada
-dabdaabasubentry of-daaba
-dadaadasubentry of-daada
dadaruN_EventEventdoubt, undecidednessDadaru ikami.He had two minds about it./ He was undecided.Dadaru ikam yo ma aŋso aŋmar, som aŋbot.I was undecided and thought do I want to come, or to stay.
dargeeneNleftover food (still edible)kini dargeeneleftover foodKolo meene kiti dargeene mi takan.Heat up our (INC) leftover sago and let's eat it.
daudaoNwest wind, southwest wind (not a strong wind, comes from the mountains, often brings with it heavy dew)Iŋgi tamar iwaara lene. Mi iŋgi parei ta iwe daudao mini?We (INC) have come to the northwest wind season. How is it that [the winds] have become (south)west again?Miiri daudao imar/ isu/ ipol pa abal.The (south)west wind comes down from the mountain.Mutu (or Saveeng) language
-debdeebesubentry of-deebe
dedeedesubentry ofdeede1
-dedeedesubentry of-deede2
-deebeV_Trclear off (the brush from an area)syn-pi zaala pa-sambar-sambar-samburaaza1-sope3-yalpi2cut down (bushes and small trees)Kala kedeebe swoi?Which area did you (PL) go and clear?Ni ideebe zaala piti.He cleared the road for us (INC) (= prepared the way for us).cfdobo-debdeebeV_Trdeebeŋa-N_Inal_Stativecleared offLele ti deebeŋana kek.This place is already cleared off.
deebeŋa-subentry of-deebe
deede1Npupa (stage in the development of butterflies and moths when they are inside the cocoon)Ina motmooto ta timbombot lela wooro i, mi tikamam ma wooro lwoono tina ipuŋpuŋ.These are 'worms' that live insides of cocoons (Lit. 'vines/ropes/threads') and cause the cocoons to swell.Nio aŋre deede ru ta uriizi, mi aŋkam ma aŋtuumbu.I saw two pupae three days ago, and got them and roasted them wrapped in leaves.dedeedeN
-deede2V_Trfile incorrectly, make blunt by filing with the file at too much of an angleDeede buza tio pepe. Imbot ma ko ituŋ aŋtwooro kat.Don't make my knife blunt. Leave it alone, and I myself will sharpen it properly.Deede so tio mataana paso?Why did you (SG) make my saw blunt?-dedeedeV_Tr
dibi-N_Inalthin part of somethingPuŋpuŋ som, iminip.It is not thick, it is thin.kumbu- dibiini1back of the ankle, heelMooto iŋa la ta kumbu dibiini ma imelek.A snake bit at his heel and he was crippled.talŋa- dibiini1earlobeLa piye talŋa dibiini. Pa iŋga talŋa pampam.Go pull on his ear [a form of physical punishment]. Because that one is not listening.dibi- dibi-ŋa-buttress roots of a treeAŋtaara ke ta dibindibinŋana, mi nakabasi tio ipol.I was cutting down a tree which had lots of buttress roots and my axe broke.Ke dibindibinŋan na, kaŋar, kuriimi, kun, mala, ne, mi ŋanraamba.The trees having buttress roots are galips, erimas, breadfruit trees, Banyan trees, New Guinea walnut trees, and rosewood.
didi1Ntree type (commonly used for making walls)Taara didi tina ma isu, mi tusupaala.Cut down that didi tree and we'll (INC) split it.wallKoozi na tipun didi ila ruumu.Today they nailed the walling onto the house.War murin la ki didi, mi tima tikeene.Spread their sleeping gear close to the wall and they will come and sleep [there].didi unu/ diditufood storage area near a wall
-didi2V_Trbuild walls, wall in, encloseMark iso ipo ruumu, mi ididi pa meene kiini.Mark wants to build a house and wall it in with sago fronds.blockA, niom na, kididi zaala paso?Hey, why did you (PL) block the road?tap, hit lightlyKididi kombom irao! Kese kat.You (PL) have tapped the drums enough. Hit them properly.-didikaala1block, make a barrier by standing up sticksTididikaala zaala.They made a barrier on the road.-ŋgunkaala-didiut1divide up the interior of a house by making wallsBeeze tana tipamender, to tididiut pa kawaala biibi ma leleene iwe ru.That temporary dwelling, they erected it, and then they divided the interior with a big cloth. making two rooms.

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