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ka-1N_Inalkoŋ '1SG', kom '2SG', ka(na) '3SG', koyam '1Pl.EXC', kanda '1PL.INC', koyom '2PL', kan '3PL'used to express ownership or transfer of edible things, for, haveKam koŋ pin pakan imar.Bring me some bananas to eat.Nu kom kini sa imbot?Do you (SG) have some food?kanda buzurour (INC) meat to eatof, uncontrolled relationshipskoŋ ndaamamy years/ ageka mbeŋhis birthdayNio aŋkankaana pa koŋ mete.I don't know the time of my death.of, unfortunate or 'bad' relationshipsnio koŋ koi bizinmy enemieska noorohis widowka moorihis mistressabout, concerningka suatalk about, concerning him/ her/ itforman ka ruumuhouse for chickens, chicken houseka uunuthe reason for itpart - whole relationshipruumu ka kataamathe door of a housekini ka lwoonoleftover food, part of the foodUraata tio ka lwoono ri inmbot, ta ko aŋbot be aŋposop.A small part of my work is still left and because of that I'll stay to finish it.related to, associated with, having to do withkoroŋ su kanathings of the forestkoroŋ kar kanathings having to do with the villagemete nomnom kanamalaria sickness (sickness associated with mosquitoes)nio toono koŋI am from ground, I am earthlypu ŋge kanaa net for catching pigs
ka- abalsubentry ofabal
-kaagaV_Intr/Tropen, be openKaaga kataama!Open the door!Kaaga kwom ma win marasin.Open your mouth and drink the medicine.Kataama ikaaga piti.A door opened for us.Kataama ikaaga kek.The door has opened, is open already.syn-sol2remove, take off (used of lids of containers)Kaaga kuuru kwoono!Remove the lid of the pot!cfkak-kinkaaga2makaagaŋa-subentry of-makaaga2-pakaaga2kwo- ikaaga1speak upKwom imun pepe. Kwom ikaaga ma so sua.Don't be silent. Open your mouth and speak up.-kaaga bege-lift one's arm in order to strike, raise one's arm (Lit. open one's armpit)Tomtom ikaaga begeene be iŋgal ŋge.The man raised his arm to spear the pig.-kakaagaV_TrKakaaga kataama pepe.Don't keep opening the door.kakaagaŋa-N_Inal_StativeopenKataama ti kakaagaŋana.This door is usually open.become open-kam kak-kinkaaga1open something which is firmly attached-pakaaga1open with effort, get open-makaaga1crack open-kaa (Gauru, Northern)
kaaguNnortherly wind (comes from West New Britain)kaagu imar pa abal MereuThe northern wind comes from northwest New Britain.Iŋgi miiri kaagu ta ilonloondo i.This is the northerly wind that is blowing.
kaalaV_TrVerb + kaala (only occurs as the morphologically bound second element of compound verbs, all of which are transitive)hide, cover, conceal, protectgo on top ofcf-pakaala2-bapkaala2hide, keep secret-daadakaala2protect by fencing-didikaala2make a barrier around something-kamkaala1enclose, fence in-kankaala1prevent someone from revealing a secret-kanankaala1conceal one's food-kennekaalablock the way to something by sleeping near it-kiziukaala1spit at-kokokaala1close something by tying it off, tie shut-kokorkaala1gather in, bring together-kotkaala1close (a door)-kotokaala1cover up-kunkaala1cover in order to protect (for example, by using an umbrella or a pandanus mat)-laskaala1heat food in order to preserve it-liukaala1surround protectively-loukaala1put aside food and cover itmaŋaanakaal-1failmbeŋkaal-1night falls on someonemata- imbiriizikaalacompletely forget, forgive-mbukkaala1tie shut-mburkaala1jealously protect-mbutkaala1wrap up and tie-miaŋkaala1speak respectfully to in-laws-ndukaala1go early in the morning-ŋgunkaala1obstruct the way to something by putting sticks in the ground around it-ŋooŋokaala1protect something by making a fuss over it-pakaala1cover, hinder, obstruct, prevent-pasirimkaala1glue together again-pasomkaala1neutralize, lessen the effect of something-peenekaala1shield, protect-pokaala1fence in a garden-poroukaala1defend-pureskaala1spit on-rekaala1keep an eye on, carefully watch over-roogokaala1reserve-salakaala1put on top of, cover-sekaala1cover, close, protect-sesekaala1patch up-siirikaala1surround with something-sirimkaala1patch up, cover-sokaala1reserve for oneself-soukaala1catch hold of-taŋkaalaprevent someone from doing something by crying-taukaala1wrap something around oneself-teegekaala kopo-1give refreshments-urkaala1cover-watkaala1deny-zeebekaala1patch up, make complete again-zukkaala1wrap up
kaama1Nforked branch (made into a handle of a sago pounder)Ur ain ila kaama, to iwe guugu.Once you (SG) put a piece of iron in a kaama then it becomes a sago pounder.Yembut leŋ kaama sa pa guugu.Cut me a forked branch for a sago pounder.
-kaama2V_IntrStativebe crippledNamaana woono ikaama.His/Her right arm is crippled.Ni ikaama ta alok kek ma imar.He/She has been crippled for a long time.kaamaŋa-N_Inal_StativecrippledNi namaana kaamaŋana.His hand is crippled.Ni kaamaŋana.He is crippled [i.e. unable to walk properly].
kaamaŋa-subentry of-kaama2
kaameN_EventEventsago squeezing setup for one person to squeeze sago starch out of sago pulpNio ituŋ tamen aŋkam kaame pa kil ta. N. mi L. tikam sopalai pa kil toro.By myself I had a sago squeezing set up that went into one 'dish'. N. and L. had a double squeezing setup that went into another 'dish'.
-kaaŋgaV_Trdrink from something which is held away from the mouth, take a drink without putting the container to one's lipsKam sur ma kaaŋga, mi nio koŋ ka lwoono.Take the coconut and drink from it, and I'll have what is left over.
kaara1Nhandle (of a drum, shield)Teege kombom ka kaara.Hold the drum by its handle.kaara ki golohandle of a shieldsynkweenepeene kaara, kaara niinibow and arrow-zem kaara niinishoot an arrowpeeneMarile
-kaara2V_Trtear and eat raw, rip apart (used of dogs, wild animals)Me tiŋa ŋge ta. To tikaara pakaana ma imap. Mi Yalom ila to ibaada pakaana.The dogs got a pig. Then they tore up half of it and ate all of it. And Yalom went and carried off half.cf-tatut
kaariNstring bag, net bag (= Tok Pisin bilum)Nio aŋkewe kaari.I am weaving a string bag.Moori ipoi pikin sula kaari.The woman carried the child in a string bag hanging from her head.string for making string bagkaari ka kweenestrap of a string bag
kaataNplatform on an outrigger canoe where cargo is putKoobo tile pa nol, na kini isala kaata kizin ma bokbok mi tipera.When the inner island people came in for the market, then they went back out with their canoe platforms filled with food.
-kaaza1V_Intrscreech, squawkŊerek ikaaza.A green parrot screetched [a sign that rain is coming].
-kaaza2V_Trslice up, cut up, butcherTiŋgal ŋge ma kup, to tineeni ma kiŋ, to tipali ma tikaskaazi mi tiur ma irao zin.They spear the pig and once they have roasted it, then they cut/butcher it up and divide it among themselves.syn-pal-tarutscale, scrape scales off of a fishKaaza ye ŋgaraana.Scrape the scales off of the fish.-kaskaazaV_TrNorthern-kaza
-kaaza3V_Trwipe dry, dry off something by wiping itKam kawaala pasaana, mi kaaza yok pa murindi.Take an old rag, and wipe off the water from our (INC) [sleeping] place.syn-mus
-kaazakaalaV_TrCompoundwipe something off or otherwise dry it a bitheat in order to reduce the smell (particularly fish that has been caught some time ago or other wild game which has strong smell)Kaazakaala ye sala you muŋgu, tona ur sula kuuru mi inoi.Dry out the fish by heating it over a fire, and then put it into the pot and boil it.Takaazakaala ye tina be ka ndaara pakan ila lene, to isula inoi.Let us heat up the fish a bit so that its strong smell goes away, and then it can be boiled.syn-kailes-pabayou3-lo; -laskaala
kabaŋbaŋŋa-N_Inal_StativeNmz StativenakedTomtom tana, ni kabaŋbaŋŋana.That person is naked.
KabeN_ProperPlaceKabi villagepeople of Kabi village