Mbula - English



mbaNfruit or nut trees which belong to someone (one has taken care of them, or inherited them, or the tree has come up on its own on one's land)Kaŋar ma kun ta timbot su toono tiŋga, ina nio mba tio.The galip and breadfruit trees on that ground belong to me. [I have planted them or at least taken care of them].
mbaagaADV_PredPCompound Locativeother side, opposite side (of a river, valley, hill)pakaana mbaagathe other sidefrom mbaa 'side / edge' + ga 'remote'mbaagithis sideNiam ambot yok pakaana mbaagi mi Yana bizin timbot yok pakaana mbaaga.We live on this side of the river and Yana with his folks live on the other side.Tiwwa ma tilae pakaana mbaaga.They walked across to the other side.
mbaagisubentry ofmbaaga
-mbaalaV_Trhunt pigs or wallabies during the day with netsAmla ambaala pa su.We went hunting in the forest (going from one place to another looking for prey).cfnoŋanasubentry of-no4-mbalmbaalaV_TrmbaalaŋanaN_Inal_EventhuntingLele suruunu taŋga mbaalaŋana muriini.That place over there is a good place for hunting (during the daytime, with nets).-kwaara pu
mbaara1Nka- mbaarapunishment, penalty, retributionNio aŋko ma aŋla mi koŋ mbaara ise ki lutuŋ.I ran away, and my penalty fell on my son.Nu sombe pun tomtom ma imeete, mi ko ma la lem, na kom mbaara ko ise toŋmatiziŋ ku.If you kill someone and run away (to another place), your punishment will fall on your brothers.Iti kanda mbaara ise ki Yesu, mi imeete piti.Our (INC) punishment fell on Jesus and he died for us.synkadoonoka- pokotŋana; pataŋanaka- yeeleŋana (Marile); ka- ŋgeelŋaan (Gauru)
mbaara2Ntree type (has red flowers, aromatic yellow and green leaves used in ceremonial dances)
-mbaara3V_IntrsnoreNi ikeene ma imbaara.He slept and snored.-mbarmbaaraV_Intrkuzu- itaŋ
mbaaruNCompound Stativetwo-sided, two-edgedBuza mata mbaaru.The knife has two edges.from mbaa 'side / edge' + ru 'two'
-mbaiV_Intrgo to some other place because of griefLutuunu imeete, tabe imbai pini ma iko ma ila imbot kar toro.His child died and therefore he was grieving on account of him/her and went [and] stayed in another village.Waene ikam moori toro, tana Atai imbai pa waene, to imbit ŋgureene ma imeete.Because her husband took another wife, Atai grieved over her husband and then she hung herself [Lit. 'tied her neck'] and died.-mbaimbaiV_IntrZin timbaimbai pa lutun moori, tana timbot Lae.They were grieving for their daughter and therefore stayed in Lae.lele- isaana pabaibai leleenetime of sorrow after the death of a family member when people stay in one place and do not move around much
-mbaimbaisubentry of-mbai
mbakere-N_InalscabAŋkinsek mbeete mbakereene ma isu lene.I scratched off the scab of the wound.dried up residue from snot/mucusŊuruunu isu ma imamaaza, to ka mbakereene imbot se ka yok.When the mucus runs down and dries up, then the dried up residue from it is left on the area between the nose and mouth.mbakere-kere-scabs (plural)
mbakerkerNObl Redupboil under armMbakerker ikam yo.I have a boil under my arm.
mbal1Nball (loan from English)
mbal2Ntop plate (piece of wood nailed to the top of the studs of a house)
mbalaNcompress (made of certain leaves and put on an abcess to draw out the pus)Takam kilaŋ, manman ruunu, o ŋgumarmar ruunu, o terteere ruunu ma tumbuulu ma iwe mbala, to takam yok ri ise, to tapakaala mbeete pa.We take kilang, hibsicus leaves, or nggumarmar or terteere leaves, rub them into a compress, and then put a little bit of water on it, and cover the sore with it.Mbala ise mbeteŋgal be iyaaru suruunu ma isu lene.The leaf compress is put on an abcess to draw out the pus.
mbaliaNplatform, bed, table, benchMbulem su se mbalia!Sit down on the bench!Itum mbalia ku ta kenne pa i.Your (SG) own bed where you sleep.Nu ŋgun mbalia mi kam koŋ kini biibi.You (SG) set up a [banquet] table and give me lots of food [to eat].
-mbalisV_Trrub a child's mouth with a leaf to stop them cryingPikin tana itaŋtaŋ matau! Kakami ma kala, mi kambalis kwoono (pa ŋgalaŋ baba)That child is really crying! Take him away and rub his mouth with a a flat Victory leaf.
mbalmbalNdove, pigeon, = Tok Pisin balusmbalmbal utuwhite dove
mbalpuniN_EventEventtrading, barteringNi ikaam koroŋ pizin tomtom mi ikaam le koroŋ. Ni tomtom ki mbalpuni.He is giving things to people and receiving things for himself. He is a trader.Ni ikamam mbalpuni pa le koroŋ.He is always trading in order to get things for himself.tomtom ki mbalpunitradersynmburooŋoroukeeli-rourouŋa-mbalpuniŋa-N_Inal_StativetradingNi tomtom mbalpuniŋana.He is a trader.
mban1Nbait fish, small fish type, baitMban imbot la kwiili.The bait is on the hook.Kini iwe mban pizin ŋge saŋsaŋŋan be timar to amgal zin.Food became the bait for the wild pigs so that they would come and we (EXC) could shoot them.mban pae, mban pasia small baitmata- mbanbanŋa-wanting to eat meat or fish all the time