Mbula - English



-nGEN_SUFFIXtheir, third person plural genitive suffix occurring on inalienable nouns, 3PL.GENkopo-ntheir stomachmata-ntheir eyelele-ntheir insides/feelings, inside them
na1ADV_SModaltag marker in questionsNu la pa Lae, na?You are going to Lae, aren't you?Na?Is that so? (Said in order to confirm what has just been said, particularly if it is somewhat surprising information)Na som.That is not the case./ That is not how it is. (Said when one disagrees with what has just been said.)
na2CONJTemporal / Conditional (marks backgrounded, presupposed information)thenSombe yaŋ isu, na ko nio aŋma som.If it rains, then I won't come to you.whenMolo som mi motoŋ la na Bob ziru waene tile.It wasn't long when I looked and saw Bob with his wife coming.Nu sombe po ruumu na re kat be pat irao.When/ If you build a house, see to it that there is enough money.Matan ila na tire tomtom ta imar i.When they looked, they saw a man coming.
na3DETbound relic of the Proto-Oceanic article *na occurring on some nouns probably borrowed from the Maleu language of southwest New Britaincfnakabasinakurnatiloŋanager; naloŋloŋ; naborou nabut
na4PARTICLEgiven (indicates presupposed information. It: 1) marks thematized constituents at the beginning of clauses, 2) ends relative clauses, especially those that are syntactically heavy, 3) is a constituent of conjunctions like tona 'after that', tana 'therefore, because of that', mana 'right after that', ina(ko) 'then' (in conditionals), 4) functions on its own as a subordinating temporal conjunction 'when/while', and 5) is used to delineate scopes of negation in subordinate clauses.)Mbeŋ na, tila.At night, they went.as forNinibe na, kar biibi.As for Ninive, it was a big city.Tamen nio, nako aŋbo mboe mi aŋpakuru.But as for me, I will sing songs and praise you.Pikin ta le ŋgar ambaiŋana, nako ileŋ la sua tutŋana ki tamaana.A child that has a good thinking, he will listen to his father's advice.Mi tomtom ki uraata, nako le koroŋ boozo.And a diligent man, he will have a lot of things.Tomtom ta iŋgal ŋge na, imbot taŋga.The man who shot a pig is over there.Nu ko irao mbot lele tiŋgi mini na som.You (SG) cannot stay in this area anymore.Leŋ kar sa be aŋbot pa na som.I don't have any village where I can stay.Irao kam som na som.You (SG) can't not do it.Niom tina koŋgo yo, ta aŋmar lele tiŋgi na som.I did not come to this place because you (PL) sent me.
nA-N_Inalmother, auntanaŋ, nom, naana (Central)/ naan (Gauru)/ nana (Northern), nanda, noyam, noyom, nanNio aŋpit mbol pa ŋge naana ta, ni zaana Sirimpen.I [will] tell a story about a pig mother, her name was Sirimpen.nan bizinmothers, aunts, female relatives of the previous generationEba iwe tomtom ta boozomen nan.Eve became the mother of everyone.Tomoyam tamen mi noyam ndelndelŋa.We (EXC) have the same father but our mothers are different.Maria toro ta Yosep ma Yems nan i.The other Maria, who was the mother of Joseph and James.mbulu ki taman ma nan bizinthe behaviour of their fathers and mothers (parents)Iti nanda, ni mbesooŋo moori som.Our (INC) mother, she is not a servant woman.cfanaŋna- musaanaaunt, female relative of older generationkolman nan2older, respected womenmoori naanaspinster, unmarried woman who is past the normal age for marriageŋge nananmother pigs, sowsTila tiputu zin ŋge nanan.They went to feed the sows.naanabigger one of a set of somethingkumbu- naanabig toenama- naanathumbpat naanathe bigger stone used for breaking galipsndapndap naanabowl/ mortarndim naanabig wooden plate on which rolling and crushing of galips is donepeene naanabowsomething that is associated with a particular place or thingyaŋ naanabird type (small, make their nests during the rainy season, often found in church buildings - Central dial.)insect type, dragonfly (Marile dialect)yapyaaba naanaant type commonly found in yapyaaba treesyok naanasmall, snake type creature found in rivers (one should not bother these, they are considered to look after the river - Central dial.)tai naanainsect (small) in ocean
Na?subentry ofna1
naalaNhole in the ground (into which something is put and then the hole is filled in again)Tekel naala be tapaaza pin.We (INC) dig a hole in order to plant bananas.graveYesu imaŋga mini pa naala.Jesus rose again from the grave.cfnaluŋsumbu-naala tieneground that has been dug up when digging a holeTigibgiibi naala tiene ta ise na, mi isula mini.We (INC) were throwing the ground that had come up from the hole back down again (when burying the person).serembat ka naaladug up mound of earth into which sweet potatoes are plantedŊge iswaaga serembat ka naala.The pig pushed its way through the heap of planted sweet potatoes.naala kezeeneedge of a holenaala kwoono2in danger of deathMete ikami ma isaana kat. Ni imbot la naala kwoono kek.The sickness has really harmed him. He is nearly dead.cfnaluŋsumbu-
naala tienesubentry ofnaala
-naam-subentry of-naama
-naamaV_Trwait for somethingKo niomru irao kanaama zin?Are the two of you able to wait for them?Zin iwal tinaami ma som, mi tikam ŋgar boozo pini.The crowd waited for him, and when he did not come out they were perplexed concerning him.Niam ambel naamoŋom kek.We (EXC) have been waiting for you (SG) for a long time.syn-sa3-naama tenwait for something to happen which is somewhat doubtfulGaaga nu naama zin ten, ko timar, som som.Tomorrow you (SG) just wait and see whether they come or not.-naama ni-1wait in vainAmnaama niyam pa koyam kini ma som.We (EXC) waited for food, but did not get any.-naam-V_Middleexpect a babyMoori inaami.The woman is expecting.-namnaamaV_TrNi inamnaama lele be berek kat.He kept waiting for the morning to really come.cf-panaata-sa; -ur mata- pa
-naama ni-2subentry ofni-6
-naama tensubentry of-naama
naambaNpoisonous vine type (The roots are used for fishing in salt water. It can kill both fish and people, and is very bitter tasting. = Derris root)Tala tupun naamba.Let's go fishing with poisonous vines. (Lit. 'hit naamba').Moori tana iŋo naamba ma kiŋ, ma ila iwin tai, to imeete ma kup.After that woman chewed naamba root, she went to drink salt water, and then she died.ti; seeze
naanasubentry ofnA-
-naana2V_Trchase away, drive away animals, insects (by hand, stick, speech)Naana lokon!Chase the flies away!Nio aŋnaana me.I chased the dog away.-nanaanaV_Trcf-keto
=naana1CLITICAspectualverb + naana / nanaanacontinually, persistently, repeatedly-renaana1continually follow-sou nanaana1repeatedly try to catch-winaanapersistently ask, investigate, interrogate
-naaŋgaV_Trmake an opening bigger by twisting a sharp object aroundKozo up, to naaŋga ma kwoono biibi ŋana.You (SG) stab and then twist a sharp object in the hole to make it bigger.-naŋnaaŋga
nabelnaberN_EventEventmagical ritual type, love magicTomooto tana ikam nabel pa moori, tamen moori leleene pini som.The man performed magic on the woman (in order to get her to like him), but the woman did not want him.-mbel
nabiouNidol (carved of wood, but appearance and function are no longer known)some kind of omenMuŋgu, sombe zin tire nabiou, na timoto kan. Inako pataŋana. Tana tiko ma tila len pa su.In the past, if they saw a nabiou they were very afraid for their lives. It meant hardship.. Therefore they would run away to the forest.
naborouN_EventEventmagical chanting, spell (subsumes both 'white' (i.e. beneficial) and 'black' (i.e. harmful) magic, often performed using Victory Leaf plant leaves and involves calling on ancestor spirits for help)Ni ikam naborou pa mokleene kini.He was chanting spells in order to get his garden grow well.Zin Koobo tikam naborou pa yaŋ be isu.The inner island (= Oov) people performed magic to cause rain to fall.cf-leŋ yaamba2subentry ofyaamba1probable loan from West New Britainwal naborouŋanmagicians, shamans