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ndaamaNa group of small stars used to reckon the yearsPitik munmun boozo ta tilup zin ma timbot la mbata, ina tapaata be ndaama.Many stars that are united and together (in one constellation), that we (INC) call 'ndaama'.year, ageNio koŋ ndaama tomtotel i.I am sixty years old.Ndaama ru ta ila kek na...Two years ago,...Ndaama ndaama ta noknok mbulu ta kembena men! Zem som?Year after year you (SG) keep on doing that [same] behavior! [Can't] you leave [it]?ruumu ka ndaamathatching that sticks out on the eaves along the long sides of a houseyoara (Northern)
ndaaraN_StativeNmz Stativesmell of blood or fresh fishMazwaana ta so la lele tana, nako yoozo kuziini ndaara.When you go that area, you will smell the blood/ fish smell.Moori ikam tomtom, to kuziini ndaara.When a woman gives birth, there is the smell of blood.
ndabok1V_Intr_UninflStative Uninflectedbe good, be sufficientLelende ndabok pa.We (INC) feel very happy about it.Anutu ire ma ndabok.God saw it and it was very good.Pa pai ku ma ndabok men pa Anutu mataana.Live your life well in God's eyes.Takam lende mboti ambaiŋana, so ndabok!If only we (INC) could get a good life, that would be great!be well, healthy..ni niini ndabok mini...he got well again.ndabok2ADV_Pred1enough-mbot ndabokstay/ live wellKam zooroŋana ndabok!You have done enough stubborn rebellion!Ina ndabok!That is enough, no more!So kalŋom ndabok! Ko yaŋ isu!Stop talking in your language, lest it start raining!Uraata ndabok! Kokena nim isaana.You have worked enough. You might get too exhausted..ndabokŋa-N_Inal_StativegoodNi tomtom ndabokŋana.He is a good person.sua ndabokŋanagood talkmburu ndabokbokŋan matakiŋaall kinds of good things
ndabok2subentry ofndabok1
ndaleandalia; ndaleiaADV_PredPLocativearea located in an inland direction from the speaker, interiorAmwe mi amyaago ma amlela pa ndalia.We bathed and swam inland.Ni imbotmbot ndalea.He is staying there in the inland end of the village.Miiri ipa ki ndalea mi ipet (ipet pa su lene, iwaara).The wind came from inland.cfndapet/ ndaperandapet; ndapera
ndaŋNfriend (term of address, use varies in different villages)Ndaŋ, mar muŋgu!Friend, come here first!
-ndaŋdaŋV_IntrStative Obl Redupbe taut, be swollen and firm (because of being full)Moori kopoono, to zuzuunu indaŋdaŋ.When a woman becomes pregnant, her breasts become big and hard.Tiwi pot ma indaŋdaŋ.They blew air into the pig's bladder until it was full.ndaŋdaŋŋa-N_Inal_Stativefirm, full of airMbal ndaŋdaŋŋana.The ball is firm / full of air.kuli- ndaŋdaŋŋa-strong, young personKuliini ndaŋdaŋŋana.He is strong and tough.
ndaŋinNwedge to hold an axehead tightNakabasi ipurusrus. Ur ndaŋin sa ila be imbol.The axehead keeps coming loose. Put a wedge into it so it will stay firmly in place.didon (Gauru)
ndapet/ ndaperaADV_PredPLocativearea located in a seawards direction from the speakerIti tombot ndapet.We (INC) live in the seaward area.Amwe mi amyaago ma ampera pa ndapet.We (EXC) bathed and swam out in a seawards direction.kar suruunu ndapetseaward part of the villageAmpa ndapet men mi amlae mbaaga. Pa ndalea na, sere ikelkel.We (EXC) went further down towards the sea and crossed over to the other side of the river there. For further up [the river] the rapids were too strong.Boksim imbot ndapera.The Boksim area is located down towards the sea.cfndalea
ndapiV_Intrbecome big, become pregnant (used of pigs and dogs)kopoono minibecome pregnant againŊge naana indapi.The mother pig has become big/ pregnant again.
ndapndapNwooden bowl (used for mashing)ndapndap naanabowl, mortarndapndap niinistick which is used for mashing, pestleKala kakwaara ndapndap ma kamar be taŋgal kanda wak.Go get a wooden bowl and carry it here so we can (INC) pound some pudding.Sombe ndim som, to tutut kaŋar sula ndapndap.If there is no large wooden plate [available], then we (INC) smash galip nuts in a wooden bowl.Centralkuŋ, kuŋ niini (Northern)
ndara-N_Inalsharp sticks inside of sago, or different palm trees (mbu, got)meene ndaran ndaranthorns inside a sago palmTesek soolo to tendeeŋe ndaraana.When we (INC) strip off palm bark for flooring, we come across sharp sticks inside.Tomtom ipiizi meene, to ndaraana iŋgali.When a person squeezes sago pulp, then a sharp thorn might pierce him.meene ka kotiizi; meene mataana (these are outside)
ndaseNhigher area (found in the southern part of the Mbula language area near Gauru village and the Korobal area)southNio Lukas aŋbot ndase, mi Mandaŋbi imbot meleebe.I Lukas live in the higher area (towards the south), and Mandangbi was lower (towards north). [Both people live in Yangla village. One's house is on the southern side, and the other's house is directly opposite on the northern side].
ndasuiNYangla villagers (used by Gauru villagers)zin ndasuipeople of Yangla villageGauruabal
ndeegeNfruit tree type, wild (fruit is edible, big, brown and yellow inside, a bit like papaya)Zin pikin ta bogboogo i, tikan ndeege som. Sombe tikan to timeete.Children who are twins should not eat ndeege fruit. If they eat it, then they will die. [a traditional belief]
ndeemeNleechAŋla abal uunu, to ndeeme isen siŋ ta imbot la mbeete tio na.I went to the base of the mountain, and then a leech sucked blood that was in my sore.ndemndeemeNmany leeches
-ndeeŋe1V_IntrStativebe correct, right, upright, fair, just, appropriate, fittingSua kini indeeŋe men.What he said is correct/ right/ appropriate/ fitting.Re, mbulu ta kam na, indeeŋe?Consider, the behaviour that you (SG) did, was it right/ just/ fair?ndeeŋeŋa-N_Inal_Stativeright, righteous, just, fair, fittingNi irao iso sua ŋonoono men. Ni imbeeze pizin wal ta boozomen. Ni mata leŋleŋŋana. Izuŋzuŋ men. Ni mataana iŋgal itunu mi iurpewe itunu ikot mbeŋ ma aigule. Ni ikaam mbulu ambaimbaiŋan ta boozomen. Merere itutamen ta ndeeŋeŋana kat.He only speaks the truth. He serves everyone. He is obedient. He is always praying. He is careful how he lives, and night and day he is reforming himself. He does every kind of good behaviour. Only God is truly righteous.mbulu ndeeŋeŋanarighteousnessAnutu mbulu kini ndeeŋeŋana kat.God, his behaviour is truly righteous.Ni ito zaala ndeeŋeŋana.He follows the right path/ way of lifeNi tomtom ndeeŋeŋana.He is an upright person.
-ndeeŋe2V_TrfindZin tila tiru kaŋar, mi tindeeŋe buza ta.They went to look for galip nuts and found a machete.Timbel ruiŋana ma tindeeŋi som.They searched hard for him but did not find him.Paata buk ti, na ndeeŋe itum? E, aŋdeeŋe ituŋ tomini.When you read this book, did you find yourself in it? Yes, I found myself too.happen upon, come upon, run intoSombe ila ma pataŋana sa indeeŋi su zaala lwoono na..But if he goes and some difficulty happens to him on the road...L. ila Lablab, mi indeeŋe tomtom ta su zaala lwoono.L. went to Lablab and came upon a man on the road. (Often used when introducing new participants in a discourse.)Aŋma som, pa uraata indeeŋe yo.I did not come, because some work came up that I had to do.go straight toNi iso sua indeeŋe yo.He spoke directly to me (using figurative language, but I myself was clear that it was intended for me.)-pandeeŋeV_Trfind in a certain placeNu pandeeŋe koroŋ tana sugoi?Where exactly did you find that thing?-parndeeŋeV_Middlefind each other, meet each otherNiamru amparndeeŋe yam ta Nduim.We found each other at Nduim.-parpandeeŋeV_Middlemeet each other at a certain spotNiomru kaparpandeeŋe yom su sugoi?Where exactly did the two of you meet?indeeŋe3CONJwhen, at the time thatIndeeŋe zin tileŋ sua tana na...When they heard that talk,...
ndeeteNladder, stepsRuumu tio ka ndeete ipol.The steps to my house collapsed.ndeete niini tafirst step of a ladder-taara ndeetecut stepsTaara ndeete ila ni lwoono be kes ma sala.Cut steps to the coconut trunk so that you can climb up.Taara ndeete pa zaala isipirpir.Make steps, for the path is slippery.
ndeete niinisubentry ofni-3