Mbula - English



o2go2ADV_SAspectualREM (remote, completed action), has already happened, -enNi ila o.He has already gone.
o3CONJor (used when listing some, but not all of the envisioned possibilities)Tikam kanda moozo, o ŋge, o wok, o...They get us a bandicoot, or a pig, or a wallaby, or [something else].Sombe tireete iti, o tireete iti som,...If they circumcize us, or do not circumcize us, ...
O1INTJattention getter, vocativeO biibi tio,..Oh my master/lord/boss,...oh!, hey!, express sudden comprehension "Now I know this!" or surpriseIna tomtom iute som mi buri be iute.With this, a person did not know something, but right now is coming to know it.O, iŋgi Adam riOh, this is like a little Adam.O, mazaana kei ta nio mozoŋ.Oh, her flesh is like my flesh.O, Akep ta itunu.Hey, here is Akep himself.O, malmal biibi ta iŋgi be ipet i.Hey, a big fight is about to happen.
ogaogaNObl Redupheaddress type worn in Sia dancesTipo pa teene, tisese ruŋ ila, mi tiŋgal man ruunu ila, to tipun mos pa ma iwe ogaoga.Tipo ogaoga pa tirak Sia.They made ogaoga headdresses because they are dancing the Sia dance.synnaol
ogeogeN_EventEvent Obl Redupcarry many things at the same timeMoori imbeli pa mburu. Ipoi ke, to kini isala, to pikin isala, mi iteege kuuru mi buza ma nogo, ina oge oge tau.A woman has a lot of cargo. She carries firewood hanging from her head, then food is on top of that, and a child is on top of that, and she is holding a pot, and knife, and axe, in doing that, she is doing 'ogeoge.'Moori ta ogeoge ma ila ga. Mi waene iŋgi namaana men mi leŋleŋ ki pai ma ila.The woman over there is carrying a lot of things as she goes. And her husband has nothing in his hands and is just happily strolling along.
oiINTJexpresses dismay when something gets awayAibike ilu marakete be iŋgal ŋge. Mi tamen marakete ila ma ikam supuuru, mi ŋge iko ma ila ne. To imar ma iso sua tana, mi B. ileŋ. Pa leleene be ŋge ila lene pepe.A. throws a spear at a pig. But the spear goes but misses/ and only goes partly into the pig, and the pig gets away. Then he comes and speaks [this expression], and B. hears. For he did not want the pig to get away.Oi, ŋge ta ila a.Oh my, the pig got away.response when one is calledA. iru B. To A. iboobi na, B. iso sua tana (ina kembei itur tau) Mi B. iso: "Nio ituŋ ti." Tona A. ila kini.A. looks for B. Then when A. calls to him, B. speaks this word. (It is like he is responding.) And B. says: "I myself am here." After that, A. goes to him.
o ina konako2ina koCONJConditionalthen (in conditional apodoses)Nu sombe leŋ sua tio som, o ina ko aŋpun u.If you don't listen what I say, I'll hit you.Sombe mete tio inmbot men, o ina ko aŋmar pa uraata som.If I am still sick, I won't come to work.
oisINTJwhat a pity, darn, rats, express dismay or disgust at not having done something correctlySombe kam supuuru koroŋ, to so "ois".If you (SG) do something only partially [i.e. not successfully], then you say "ois".Ois, ye ta aŋkami som ma ila!Darn/Rats, the fish that I caught got away!
olibNoliveke olibolive tree.Abal OlibMount of Olivesolib leneolive gardenEnglish, Tok Pisin
Oo,INTJrealization of somethingOo, ŋonoono kat, ituru siŋ tamen.O yes, it is really true, both of us are from the same family (Lit. 'blood').Oo imap.Oh that is it, it is finished.Oo buri na, ŋgar tio ipet mi aŋkilaala.Oh, now I understand.Oo kenako, aŋla mi aŋre i.If that is the case, then I will go and see him.hey (said to attract attention)Oo Dabit lutuunu, muŋai yam lak!O Son of David, please have mercy on us!
ooiINTJoh sorry, expresses pityAbaraam iso: "Ooi lutuŋ, motom la pa mbotŋana ku ta toono i...Abraham said: "Oh my son, think of your (SG) life on the ground...
opapoINTJfrustration when something happens even though you have warned people about the possibility of it happeningOpapo, wal ti talŋan som!Shoot, these people have no ears! (i.e. they don't listen and act on what they hear)Northernopopop (Central)
opasN_StativeNmz Stativemedium-sized pigŋge opasŋge baadaŋananot widely known word
opopopINTJoh no!, I knew this would happen!, expresses dismay that something bad has happenedWatch out!, express foreboding that something bad is going to happenOpopop, aŋso aŋso ma som, talŋan pampam.I knew this would happen! I kept warning them, but they were obstinate/ refused to listen.Opopop, kam ta kembena pepe!Watch out, don't do that!opapo (Marile and Kampalap dialects)
oraa2oora/ eraaINTJpoor [thing/ man/ woman/ person/ child], express sympathy and sorrow for someone elseOraa, imeete kek.Poor thing, he is dead.Oraa, tila som.O sorry, they did not go.woe totumuŋai tomtomWe have compassion on a personOora niom Korazin koyom...Woe to you people of Korazin...raacferaaraa
orka-N_Inalside, straight edge of somethingtebol orkaanaedge of the tableside of the body, hipMoori imbisiŋ lutuunu ila orkaana.The woman carried her child on her hip/ on her side.Tipal ŋge, to tire koŋ ka orkaana.When they butcher the pig, they will see that I get a piece from the hip area.ke orkan orkandiceorkaorkaŋa-N_Inal_Stativesquare-shapedKasap kitiimbi orkan orkanŋana.Hew square shaped posts.
orooroN_EventEventnoise, commotion (oral)Orooro biibi isala.There was a big noise.malmal ka oroorocommotion, noise of a fightsynŋonoŋ ŋonoŋ-kam orooromake noiseTikam orooro pa zaala ma timar a.They were making noise while coming on the road.-yo orooro1make noise (Lit. 'pull noise')Ziŋoi ta tiyo orooro ma timar?Who are the ones making noise and coming?
ouINTJHey!, "I want you to listen to me "Ou, tala tere kolman.Hey, let's go and see the old man..Ou, mbotmbot?Hey, are you there?
o yaeINTJif only, oh my, express longing, frustration, sorrow, wishing, sympathyNu twer pa koroŋ.O yae, waende bizin timbot...If only our (INC) friends were here...O yae, nio loŋa amar, so niamŋan amla Karapo.Oh, if only I had come quickly, then I could have gone together with them to Karapo.O yae, sombe lelem isaana pio,...Oh, if only you SG) felt sorry for me...O yae, muŋgu wal pakan titut yo. Mi padei ta aŋleŋ la kalŋan som?O my, before some people gave me advice. But why did I not listen to them?
o yaleiINTJoh, if only, expresses longingIti lelende pa koroŋ sa, tamen irao takam som.We (INC) want something, but we are not able to get it.O yalei, koroŋ sa lak!Oh, if only there was...O yalei, begeŋ sa kembei man mbalmbal, so ndabok!Oh, if only I had wings like a dove, it would be great!oh sorry!, expresses sorrow and sympathyO yalei, kembel kat yom. Pa mbu som.Oh sorry, you (PL) are really in trouble. For there are no areca nuts.frustrationO yalei, mbulu mi tutu boozmen ta ipombolmbol mbotŋana ambaiŋana, ta iŋgi tomtom tipasaana ma isaana kek.Oh, all the customs and laws that strengthen good living, now people have destroyed them.