Mbula - English



sa1ADV_PrePREDModalexpresses sudden realization ("Now I know")Iŋga sa ŋge na!Hey, that is a pig!expresses strong certainty in affirmations ("I do know this")Ni sa imeete kek!I know she has died!Ina sa nu pakaam na!I know you (SG) are lying!
sa2DETsome, any (non-referential, non-specific)Lem sua sa?Do you (SG) have something to say?Kam koŋ rais sa.Give me some rice to eat.Nio ko aŋkam leyom koroŋ tasa kaimer.I will give you (PL) something later.mazwaana sasometime, at some timePadei, pataŋana sa?What is it, some trouble?Aigule tana, kakam uraata sa pepe.That day, do not do any work.Ko wal ru, som tel sa, ina irao.Some two or three people would be enough.sa somnothing, not a thing, not at allToro sa som?Is there no other?Koroŋ sa ike pu som.Nothing is hidden from you (SG).Zin tikam ŋge sa som.They didn't get a single pig.Leleene pizin ri sa som kat.He did not like them at all.Niom tina, leyom ŋgar sa som!You (PL) there, you do not have any understanding!kosasa na somnot a thingNu na, zalala koroŋom sa!You (SG) think you are someone who can climb up things! (but you can't)pa ... saaround X timesNio ko aŋseeze matan pa tamen sa!I will make them suffer one more time!Nu tooro sua ku piizi sa kek!How many times you (SG) have changed your talk!Nio aŋre i pa sa zen.I have never seen him.
-sa3V_Trwait for someone or something, expect to meetNiam amsa Suŋgu.We (EXC) waited for the Sungu [a ship].syn-naama-zaza, -zzaV_TrNio aŋla tiŋga, to aŋmar. Niom kombot mi kazza yo.I'll go over there and then come back. You (PL) stay here and wait for me.
-saabaV_Trcut hair very shortMar ma saaba uteŋ ruunu isu lene. Pa iŋgi iperekrek mete, mi kut ikan ma ituntun.Come and cut off all of my hair. For it is too tangled and lice are biting [me] and it itches.scale a fish, scrape off the scales of a fishIti tasaaba ye ŋgauliini.We (INC) scraped off the scales of the fish.trim, cut off with a sweeping movementIti tasaaba ke ruunu/ plaua.We (INC) trimmed the tree/ flowering hedge.blow off the top of somethingWai, uriizi miiri biibi imar ma isaaba ruumu uten uten ta boozomen ma tisaana kat.Wow, the day before yesterday a big wind came and blew off all the roofs of the houses and they were really damaged.-pasaabablow off with force, flatten with forceMiiri ipasaaba ke ruunu.The wind blew off the leaves of the tree.
saaga1Nbasket type (small one)Tewe ni ruunu, to iwe saaga.When we (INC) weave coconut leaves, then it becomes a saaga basket.Kini mazeene isula saaga ta imbiŋmbiŋ na.The cooked food has gone down into the saaga basket that is hanging [there].
saaga2ADV_PredPTemporalfive days from nowkoozi, gaaga, malama, upeele, iriimi, saagatoday, tomorrow, two days from now, three days from now, four days from now, five days from nowKoozi mi gaaga na, itiŋan takam uraata, mi malama mi upeele, ko aŋmar som, mi iriimi mi saaga to aŋmar mini ma itiŋan takam uraata.Today and tomorrow we (INC) will work together, but two days from now and three days from now I will not come, and four and five days from now, then I will come back and we will work together again.
saamaNoutriggerwooŋgo ka saamaoutrigger of a canoeKiwit mburu pakan ilala ki saama be iyaraama. Kokena saama ikaaga (ise).Lift some cargo onto the outrigger to hold it steady. Otherwise the outrigger might rise up [and the canoe capsize].wife (figurative, indirect way of referring to someone's wife.)Nu ur saama ila wooŋgo kiwi kek?Are you married yet? (Lit. 'Have you (SG) put an outrigger on your canoe yet?)Tomtom taŋga, ni le saama somŋana.That person over there, he is without an outrigger (i.e. a wife).
saambaNsky, heavenPitik timbot sala saamba.The stars are up in the skyPitik tiŋgor saamba.The sky is full of stars.Lolo ikam bil ma ikakat saamba.The lightning flashed across the sky.Saamba keskeezeŋana kat.The sky is really blue.Saamba komboono, guburtiene som kat.Bright blue sky, no clouds.kar saambaheaven (the place where God is)Kar saamba, ina Merere muriini.Heaven, that is the Lord's place.Biibi saamba kanathe big one of heaven (i.e. God)
-saanaV_Intrbe/become bad, broken, torn up, decay, deteriorateworsen, become worse, get worsebecome spoiled, become ruined, go badKini isaana kek.The food has spoiled.Ni uruunu isaana.His news is bad./ He has a bad name./ His reputation is ruined.Mbotŋana kiti isaana.Our (INC) life is bad.Urlaŋana kizin isaana.Their faith has gone bad./ They have abandoned their faith.Kar isaana kekThe village is ruined.tired, worn out, sick, feebleNi iwe kolman ma isaana.He became old and feeble.Petel yo ma aŋsaana kat.I am hungry and really in bad shape.bad (used of environmental phenomena)Lele isaana.The weather is/ became bad.Tai keteene isaana.The sea is bad/ became rough.cfsanaanasanaanasananŋa-2-zanzaana1V_IntrKoroŋ ta boozomen tizanzaana men.Everything keeps getting worse.Ŋgar kizin izanzaana men.Their thinking is only bad.Kini ta loŋa izanzaana na, kupun mburoyam pa pepe.The food that quickly spoils, don't work too hard for it.-pasaana1V_Trdestroy, ruin, harm, afflictwork sorcery onwasteembezzle, misuse (used of money)defile, desecrate, blaspheme-pasaana lele-3upset someone, offend someone, hurt someone's feelings (Lit. 'ruin/harm someone's insides/feelings')le- uunu sa isaana som1innocentNi le uunu sa isaana som.He is innocent./ He is not guilty.-kam ma -saanaruin, harm, damage, injure (Lit. 'do and harm', usually expresses unintentional damage/harm that may not necessarily occur right after the event causing the damage)Mete ikami ma isaana kat.The illness has really harmed him.kopo- isaana2feel full (Lit. 'stomach deteriorates')Niom kakan, pa nio kopoŋ isaana kek.You (PL) eat, for I am already really full.lele- isaana pafeel sorry for, feel pity for, feel compassion for (Lit. 'insides deteriorate for')Leleene izanzaana pizin.He keeps feeling sorry for them.isu ma isaanabe abundant (used of food)Kini isu ma isaana.There was huge amount of food.mata- isaana4poor eyesightdrunk (individual looks bad, speaks poorly, and is physically in a bad way)ni- isaana2feel tired, worn out, exhausted (Lit. 'being deteriorates')ŋgure- isaana pa2crave for meat (Lit. 'neck deteriorates for')Ŋgureŋ isaana pa buzur.I am craving for meat.ruŋgu- isaana2Tibalis yam ma ruŋguyam isaana.bad looking, badly woundedThey hit us (EXC) and we looked terrible (due to our wounds)
-saaŋa1V_Intr/Trambush, lie in wait forTasa tomtom be tapasaani.We (INC) wait for someone in order to harm him.Nio ko aŋma aŋsaaŋa yom su zaala. Kamar to aŋbalis koyom tasa.I will come and wait for you (PL) on the road. When you come, then I will hit one of you to punish you.-zaŋzaaŋa1V_Trbe ready to do somethingZin tila tizaŋzaaŋa tomtom tabe imar i.They went and were waiting in ambush for the person who was coming."Sala kam we ŋonoono ta ti". To ni ikeende we mi iso: "Zaŋzaaŋa be siibi kek?""Come up and get this mango fruit." Then she twisted the mango and said: "Are you ready[to catch it when I toss it down]?"Sanaana izaŋzaaŋa su kataama kwoono be ikokat iti.Sin is waiting by the door to 'hook' us.stand by in order to replace, be in reserveToro isaaŋi be ikam muriini.Someone else is waiting to replace him.Keresin pakan imbot be isaaŋa.There is some kerosene in reserve.Naso kini tana isaaŋa yom pa peteele biibi tabe ipeti.Then this food can wait as a reserve to help you (PL) in the big famine that is coming.Mutu language -saŋan 'wait (for)'
-saaŋa2V_Trprotect something from theft by putting something dangerous near it (for example napitpit 'trap', napalis 'magical fetish', nails)Ni isaaŋa ruumu kini pa wal kuumbuŋan. Kokena tikem koroŋ kini.He protected his house from thieves (by putting something dangerous around it), lest they steal his things.Kuaru isaaŋa wo lene kini.Kuaru put dangerous things [i.e. magical fetishes] around his garden in order to protect it.Ni isaaŋa ruumu kini pa marai sanaana.He protected his house by putting [magically] bad ginger around it.
-saaŋa3V_Trput up, hang up something on structure of crossed sticks connected by another stick (often pigs and baskets of sago are hung up this way)Ni iŋgun wo kumbu mi isaaŋa iseHe stuck the X braces into the ground, and hung it up on [them]Ambu ipeene ŋge ma imeete to isaaŋi ise mi imar. To iso pa lutuunu bizin be tisiŋi ma timar.Ambu shot a pig and then hung it up on a wooden structure to wait and he (himself) came [back]. Then he told his boys to carry it [to the village].Amkam meene ŋgamar kunduunu ri ta amsaaŋa se meene uunu mi amar.We (EXC) brought the small basket of sago that we had hung up at the base of the sago palm.Kuŋgun aiwol kumbu sa mi kasaaŋa meene ise.Set up a structure with X braces and a connecting stick and and hang up the sago on it (to wait until it is taken to the village)
saaza1Nle- saazagreat-grandparent, great-grandchild (third generation either up or down)leŋ saaza mooribimy great-grandmotherle saaza bizinhis/her great-grandparents, great-grandchildren'saas' (Gauru)
-saaza2V_Trtear off, rip off, pull out a piece of skinNi isaaza ŋge kuliini be me ikan. Mi ni itunu ikan mazaana.He tore off the pig's skin for the dog to eat. And he himself ate the meat.La keeze kanda ni mazaana sa, to saaza ma mbuk zin makiŋ, to yembut simber ma yo se mi baada ma imar.Go and shell some coconuts for us (INC), then tear off a piece of the skin and after tieing them together, cut a pole and collect them onto it and carry [them] and come.
-saaza3V_Intrcreep (used of vines), grow by spreading along the surface of the groundWooro isasaaza pa toono.A vine keeps creeping and spreading across the ground.swim on the surface of waterYe isaaza pa yok/tai kuliini.The flying fish is fluttering, flying on the surface of the sea/water.Mooto gubi isaaza pa yok kuliini.The gubi snake is swimming on top of the water.-saas (Gauru dialect)
sabaŋNwrapping, 'envelope'pok, paanda, anraŋ ruunu mololong leaves of different pandanus typesNi iur ro kini isula sabaŋ, mi iseŋgeere ma ila.She put her letter into an envelope and sent it.Muŋgu zin kolman tizugzuk koi kizin pa sabaŋ, mi tiseŋgerŋgeere ila pa guraaba kizin.In the past, the old people would wrap tobacco leaves with long leaf wrappings and send them to their trading partners.
-sabeleu1subentry of-beleu2
-sabeleu2V_TrCompoundmix in, stir inMankwoono, Riti inoi meene, to isabeleu be ŋgere izil pa.In the morning Riti boiled some sago, then she stirred it so that the [coconut] oil would get mixed throughout it.Kam spun imar ma sabeleu zeere ramaki tinpis.Bring a spoon and mix together the leafy vegetables and tinned fish.join in and eat with others when one has not worked at all (parents say this to their children in order to help them to think about their duties)Tiŋgo u pa ni keereŋana ma som, mi la wawa. Beso mar na, sabeleu men! (Nu so kan sorok mi uraata som, malmalŋana be ipei ŋgar kini).They sent you (SG) to scrape coconut, but you don't do and instead just went walking around. And now you come and want to join us in eating! (You think you can just eat without having to work. This is said in anger to cause the person to think a bit).swirl awayIŋgi kembei wo biibi itoktoogo raama kalŋaana biibi, mi ka belut isabeleu yo i.This is like a big flood coming with a lot of noise and swirling me away.
saberoADV_Pred1Mannernot choosy, not particular about, whateverNi ikanan kini sabero. Ikanan sorok tau. Inin kosa som.He is not particular about what food he eats. He just eats anything whatever. He does not care.Ni ikam uraata mata sabero.He is not particular about what kind of work he does.
-sabuleezeV_Middle/TrturnTo tana, aŋboobi mi itoori karau som, pa biiŋi ikami. Tana ipata be isabuleezi.That fellow, I called him, but he did not turn around very quickly, for he is afflicted with swollen glands under his ear. So it was hard for him to turn his neck.wring someone or something's neck, arm, legNi isabuleeze man ŋgureene ma imeete.He wrang the chicken's neck and it died.Sabuleeze wok kumbuunu, kokena iŋgalu.Wring/ turn the wallaby's leg, lest it scratch you (SG) [with its claws].-tooro
sabum sabumV_IntrObl Redupplunge down under waterTila sabum sabum sula tai ma tiwin katkat yok.They plunged down into the sea and drowned.synkabum kabum
sagarNcoral (smaller, white in colour)naman namanŋanaAmketo ye ta neeri ma sagar iŋgal kumbuyam.We (EXC) chased after fish yesterday and the coral cut our feet.Zin Koobo tikeende sagar mi titun ma iwe kou.The inner islanders twisted off the coral, and heated it and it became lime.cfkoulele sagarŋanacoral reefLele sagarŋana ipapiliu mutu.A coral reef surrounds the island.Mutu
-sagoogoV_Intrrun, go straight and return without delayLa mi mbot molo pepe. Sotaara zin, mi sagoogo ma miili mini.Go quickly, but don't stay for a long time. Inform them, and return without delay.force one's way through brush instead of following a pathNi ila ma ikankaana pa zaala, to isagoogo sorok su leleene.He went and got confused about the road, and then had to force his way through the brush in the forest.