Mbula - English



ta1tauCOMPwhich, that, who, whom, where (used in factive relative clauses)Zaala ta ila pa Lablab, ina molo.The road which goes to Lablab, is long.Mbol tio musaari ta taiŋgi.This is my short story.that, who, which, whose,zaala tau Anutu itiiri iti pa mbulu kitithe way God will judge us for our behaviourIndeeŋe tau ni iur saamba mi toono,When he made heaven and earth,tabeta boozomen2QUANTall, everytomtom ta boozomeneveryoneaigule ta boozomenevery daymazwaana ta boozomenall the timeA ta BCONJit was because of A that B happened, the reason why B happened is A, A and that is why B happen(ed), focused reason + presupposed resultYaŋ isu, ta nio aŋmar som.The reason why I did not come is that it rained. / It was because it rained that I did not come. / It rained and that is why I did not come.Nu la swoi ta mar i?Where are you (SG) coming from? (Where have you gone that you are coming.)Sua ta tina.That is the talk.
ta2DETa, indefinite specific article (as opposed to generic, non-specific reference)Amdeeŋe wok ta.We (EXC) found a wallaby.Ni mataana ila na, ire yok touŋana ta.When she looked, she saw a well.Aigule ta, ni iwin yok mbolŋana.One day he drank strong drink (i.e. an alcoholic beverage).Ni ipeebe pikin ta, zaana Kai.She gave birth to a child, his name was Kai.lwoono taone time, once upon a time, once
ta3PREPfocused locationNol ko ipet ta Ŋguuru a.The market will be at Gauru (not somewhere else).Aŋbot ta kar Yaboro.I lived at Yaboro village.taalocation that is far awayNiam amre ka pitik taa zoŋ uunu a.We EXC) saw his star far away in the east.Mburu tana imbot taa Aikuptu ma imar.That stuff came all the way from Egypt.focused timeZin tila ta neeri.It was yesterday that they went.mbeŋ ta koozitonight, this very night
ta4QUANTNumericoneta, ru, tel, paŋ, lamataone, two, three, four, fivema tafirstZalazoro ma ta, Buai ma ru...Zalazoro was the first one, Buai was the second...lele- tataŋaimpulsive, rash, short-temperedNi leleene tataŋa. Ŋgar sa ipet pini, na ikam men.He is impulsive. When some thought comes to him, he just does it.Zin keten malmalŋan mi lelen tataŋa.They are easily angered and short-tempered.tamen1QUANTonly one, exactly oneTomtom tamen ŋonoono ila ma ikam uraata.Only one person went and did the work.Mi koroŋ tamen ta aŋgalsek pa.And there is only one thing that I forbid.tamenŋana1None and only, uniquelutuunu tamenŋanahis one and only childtataŋaQUANTfewMoori tataŋa men tila.Only a few women went.aigule tataŋaevery once in awhile [also, 'each day']ADV_Pred1one by oneZin tileŋ sua tana, to tataŋa tipazas zin.When they heard that talk, then one by one they slipped away.each one, eachniom tataŋaeach one of youMi iti tataŋa tataŋroro Merere.Let each one of us (INC) cry out to the Lord.Ko iwedet ikot ndaama tataŋa.It will happen each year.
taasubentry ofta3
taaba1Ntree type (used for planks, leaves are used to wrap up galip nuts)fan (made out of different kinds of leaves)Kam taaba tio imar. Aŋtaaba you ma ibilbil.Bring my fan to me. I will fan the fire into flames.Seboogo lem taaba be taaba nomnom pa.Pull yourself off a leaf with which to fan, so you can fan away the mosquitoes.
-taaba2V_Trsweeping movement used to guide to a certain place, chase to a certain place, driveTataaba ŋge be iti pu.Let us (INC) drive the pig so it will get caught in the net.Amtaaba man tatariigi ma tilela siiri kizin.We (EXC) chased the chickens into their enclosed area.fanTitaaba you ma ibilbil.They fanned the fire and made it flame brightly.wipe off, dust offKam kawaala ma taaba tebol.Take a piece of cloth and dust off the table.Taaba itum pa kom uze.Wipe off your (SG) sweat.
taamba1Narea in the forest which has been hacked down for a new garden but has not been burnt off yetTikas taamba be iwe mokleene popoŋana. Tindou zen.They cut down an area to become a new garden. [But] they haven't heaped up [the rubbish and burnt it] yet.
-taamba2V_Intrgo off, be somewhat spoiled, not good tasting (used of galip nuts. They are still edible, but not very good tasting any more)Kodaaŋa ta titokalkaala mi imbot ma molo, to ka wak itaamba.A parcel of galip nuts that has been heated repeatedly and has been around for some time already, starchy pudding made with it will not be good tasting.
-taandaV_IntrStativekwo- itaandabe wide openKataama kwoono itaanda.The door is wide open.amazed, astonishedKwoono itaanda pa mburu boozo.He was astonished at the many things. (Lit. 'his mouth was wide open at the many things')-tantaandaV_Intrbe wide openPumun kataama kwoono risa lak. Pa kwoono itantaanda ma lokon ko tilela.Close the door a bit. For it is always wide open and flies will come in.tantaandaŋa-N_Inal_Stativewide open and without wallsTikeene la ruumu tantaandaŋana. Ka didi na zen.They are sleeping in a wide open house. It does not have walls yet.kwo- tantaandaŋa-wide openingnakaral kwo tantaandaŋanabasket with a wide mouth
taaŋga1Nbasket type (small in size, carried by women, men carry pelpeele baskets)Zin moori tipoi taaŋga kizin ma tila.The women carried their small baskets hanging from their heads and went.wife, responsibilities of married life (figurative language)Nu kam lem taaŋga, som zen?Have you (SG) got a wife (Lit. 'taangga basket') or not?Nu peebe kek. Ŋiizi na kam lem taaŋga ma koroŋ ta kembei? Mboro itum!You already have a child of your own. When are you (SG) going to take responsibility for your family? Look after yourself! (Said if a married son keeps coming to parents for food etc.)
taaŋga2Nnama- ka taaŋgainside part of the elbowZin moori timbaraara ke se naman ka taaŋga.The women carried firewood in their arms.nama- ŋgureene (Marile dialect)
-taara-tara tentenV_Trcut, chop something that is standing (with axe or knife, cutting across the long axis of something)Nio aŋtaara ke pa nakabasi.I cut the tree with an axe.Buza itaara yo.The knife cut me.Taari, mako taaru.You (SG) cut him, and he will cut you.-tartaaraV_TrAmtartaara meene, mi yaŋ isu, tana amdaada yam lae meene uunu.We (EXC) were chopping down the sago palm and the rain came, so we took shelter at the base of the sago palm.Ni itartaara toto i pa manaaba.He was trying to cut at him with an adze.lele itartaaradawn cominglele imarmar-taara toonobreak up the ground for planting with hoe, dig up, plow, cultivateNiam amtaara kuma pa apap ma ampaaza serembat.We (EXC) dug up the ground in the garden and planted sweet potatoes.-taara ke palook after children from another marriageNi iwoolo tiziini waene, mi itaara ke pa lutuunu bizin.He married his younger brother's wife and is looking after his children.-taara tentenkeep hitting with a knife several times making some marks, chip offAsiŋ itaaratenten ke tiŋgi?Who has cut chips into this piece of log?yok niini itartaara = mburaana izzu zenstrong current in the riverAmlae na som, pa yok niini itartaara. (isu kat zen, mburaana imbotmbot men)When we (EXC) tried to go across, we weren't able, for the current in the river is still very strong.-leŋtaara2V_Trhear only partially (Lit. 'hear-cut'), get wind of some talk-sotaara2V_Trinform, notify, announce, inform (Lit. 'say-cut')
-taarut1V_TrCompoundcut up into pieces (used of rope, sweet potato), cut off a piece, cut away, trim away (like edge of grass) using a big knifeTaarut wooro tana isu lene mi kel pa wooro kinzi tis.Cut off that rope and replace it with this kinzi vine.-tarrutMoori itarrut mbunmbuutu ma ikelko pa urum zilŋaana.A woman trimmed away the grass (including its roots) from the side of the church.Kala katarrut serembat muŋguŋana (= kalaama), mi kakam kanda munmun pakan ma kamar be koto.Go and clear away the old sweet potatoes, and get some little ones for us and come and roast them.
-taarut2subentry of-ut1
-taataV_Trscratch around, search amongst rubbish for somethingMan tila titaata musmuuzu.The chickens went to scratch around for food in the rubbish.Zin moori titaata raaga pa kaŋar, mi tiyo kan.The women were looking through the small [galip] branches where there might still be a few galip nuts and collecting them to eat.cf-kotaata2-tataataV_TrMan tatariigi tila titataata kan gedeeŋe.The chickens went and scratched around for food in the rubbish.-kotaata3scratch, sharp thing gets stuck into something and pulls itSombe kolomboŋ ikotaata mbeete, to isaana kat.If a kolombong plant scratches a sore, then it will get much worse.
-tabaabaV_Intrsoar, glidemanboŋ mi man ndiili tibabaabaManmboŋ itabaaba sala ke.The eagle soared to the top of a tree.cf-rie2
tabe1COMPCompoundthat, who, which, non-factive relative clause complementizer (governs relative clauses that are negated or which encode states of affairs that are are expected to happen in the near or distant future)Zin len koroŋ sa tabe ipakaala zin som.They had nothing with which to cover themselves.tomtom tabe imar ithe person that is to come
tabe2CONJCausal Compoundso, and so, therefore (indicates a reason-result relationship in which neither the reason nor the result are presupposed and the causation is less direct; i.e. it is non-volitional, or the cause and result are temporally removed, or there are a number of other intervening steps between cause and result. Tabe is also frequently used when the result is irrealis or negated.)Buri iwe muŋguŋana, tabe ambai som.Now it has become old, and so it is not good.Tikam leŋ kadoono sa som, tabe aŋzem uraata.They did not pay me, so I left the work.tape (Kampalap dialect)
-tabirbirV_IntrObl Redupwalk unsteadily, walk shakilyAŋpa na, aŋtabirbir, pa mete ikam yo ma mburoŋ imap.I walked unsteadily, for I was sick and my strength wa gone.Tipun tomtom tana, tana itirikriigi. Ipa kat som.They hit that man, and therefore he is walking unsteadily. He does not walk properly.syn-tarkoŋkoŋ2Birik-tirikriigi