Mbula - English



wa1INTJhey, expresses disapproval1. A iŋgo B be ila ikam buza kini (A). Beso B ila na, ipei sorok buza toro ma imar. To A iso sua tana, pa B ikam ŋoobo buza.; 2. Tomtom sa ikam mbulu ŋoobo sa, o iso sua ta ambai som. To nu peteke i pa sua tana. (= hai)Wa, nu re buza tio som?Hey, didn't you (SG) see my knife? (i.e. you should have seen it.)Wa, so kena paso!Hey, why are you (SG) talking like that!
-wa2-wwa; -wawaV_IntrRedupwalkTiwwa pa lele bilimŋana.They were walking in the desert.reduplication of -pa 'walk'
waaINTJno way, I don't believe it, I don't agree, express disbelief, disagreement1. Tomtom sa iso sua ma irao ŋgar ku som, to so sua tana. Pa nu yok pa sua kini som tau.When someone says something and it doesn't fit your (SG) thinking, then you say this. For you do not agree with what he said.Waa, Yooba ipet ku swoi?I don't believe it, where did Yahweh appear to you (SG)? (i.e. I do not believe he appeared to you.)Waa, nu pakaam!I don't believe it, you (SG) are lying!Waa, nu kankaana!Ah, you (SG) are confused!hey!, express disapproval of what someone has just done2. A ipotom yambon be me kini imar to iwin. Mi B ni iute som. Beso B ila na imaŋga pa kuuru mi yambon werek la ne. To A iso sua tana. Ni leleene be B ipasaana yambon pepe, pa ni ipotom pa me.A reserves some [leftover] soup for his dog to drink when it comes. But B does not know this. So B goes and tips out all the soup. Then A says this expression. He doesn't want B to ruin/waste the soup, for he [had] reserved it for the dog.Waa, pasaana yambon paso?Hey, why did you (SG) waste the soup?
waaisubentry ofwaii
-waalaV_Trwiden, make something widerKedeebe zaala ma kawaala ma iwe biibi be toto.Clear out the path and make it wider so we (INC) can follow [it].Kawaala pooto tiom ri, so irao iti. Pa iti iwal.If you had made your (PL) veranda a bit wider, then it would have been big enough for us (INC). For we are a big group.ant-gogoomo
waamaNcoolness, cool air which can be feltWaama iteege iti ma ambai leen.The cool air touched us (INC) and it felt very good.
-waaŋgaV_Trwedge apart, wedge open (using a knife or sharp stick)Kuru buza isula soolo mi waaŋga.Shove the knife through the [pieces of] flooring and wedge [them] apart.Kam aro imar be aŋwaaŋga meene ka salan ti ma rek mi itop su kat. Naso ŋgamar ikeene kat se.Bring a sharp stick so I can wedge open this hollowed out sago trunk. Then the basket will sit properly on top of it.syn-patimbil2-sibil
-waaza1V_Trcarry away, take awayMan iwaaza ke pwoono.A bird carried away some seeds (or fruits) of the tree.Kuzi iwaaza kini.A rat carried away some food to another place.distribute fresh or cooked food to each clanKini biibi to tawaazaWhen there is a big feast, then we (INC) distribute the food to each clan.Tawaaza kini ma irao ruumu.We (INC) distributed food to each house.Amwaaza kini pa kini biibi? Kakanan su tiŋgi ma imap mi kala leyom.Why should we distribute this, is this a large amount of food? [No.] Just eat it here and when it is finished you (PL) [can] go.syn-rai-reege
-waaza2V_Trfish using a net, spread out a netNio aŋwaaza koŋ ye.I am catching fish with a net for myself to eat.Nio iŋgi aŋla aŋwaaza kanda i.I am going now to catch some fish for us (INC).-waswaaza1V_TrZin Koobo tiwaswaaza su magat tiŋgi.The inner island people usually fish in this shallow area.waazaŋanaN_Inal_EventLele ti, waazaŋana muriini.This place is a good spot for fishing with nets.cf-raararaaraŋana
-wadatsubentry of-wat
wae1INTJexpress surprise or disapprovalWae, nio aŋute koroŋ tana som.Hey, I do not know about that [and you should not expect me to].Wae, nu sombe we biibi mi kam peeze piam!Oh, so you (SG) plan to be the master and rule over us (EXC)! [There is no way we will accept that.]Wae, iti ko talliŋanda kat!O boy, we (INC) have probably been very stupid!Wae mos katuunu, re iti!Oh teacher, look at us (INC) [and do something about it. We are in trouble]!
wae-2N_Inalfriend, associate, neighbourPikin tana waene ila parei?Where did the child's friend go?waem bizinyour (SG) associates, friendsWai, mi waeŋ bizin ziŋoi tabe aŋur leleŋ pizin?Ah, but who are my neighbours whom I should love?spouse, husband, wifeMazwaana tana, waene ziŋan lutuunu bizin timbotmbot ki rwoonobi.At that time, his wife together with the children were staying with his father-in-law.Nu lem ŋger pio som, mi mbuulu waeŋ.You (SG) had no respect for me, and fondled/had sex with my wife.Waene imeete mi ni iwe nora.Her spouse died and she became a widow.synkusi-
waiwaitINTJwow, hey, expresses surpriseTomtom imorsop pa koroŋ sa.Someone is startled by something.Wai, moori ŋgar kini ise kek!Wow, the woman's thinking has come up (=she understands)!Wai, nu mar na?Wow, have you (SG) come?Wai, iŋgi nu asiŋ toro?Hey, who are you (SG) now?Wait, we ti biibi kat!Wow, this mango is really big!
waiiINTJhey! express dismay, frustration, disgust1 Tomtom sa itaara ke ma ipol kankaana ma imiili pa mokleene. To tamaana iso sua tana. Pa leleene be ke imiili ma ipasaana serembat kini pepe.; 2. Tomtom sa ikam mbulu sa. Tona nu wi i, mi tamen ni imbol imbol ma iwotkaala. To nu so sua tana. Pa kembei nu re i tomini. Tana nu so kena, be ni iyamaani, mibe iswe.Somebody is cutting a tree and it falls down wrong way in the garden. Then the owner says this talk. For he does not want the tree to fall that way and destroy his sweetpotatoes.; Somebody has done something wrong. Then you ask him about it but he keeps on strongly denying it. So then you say this talk. For it is like you also have seen him [doing it]. Therefore you say this so that he will recognize his wrong-doing and confess.Waii, nu kam ŋoobo kat!Hey, you (SG) really did wrong!oh my, oh no, express disappointment or regretWaii, to ri ta ila lene kek!Oh my, the little fellow has gone!Waii, moori tana ipasaana sorok koroŋ tiŋgi!Oh no, that woman has destroyed this thing for no reason!waaiI don't believe that, that's incredible (expresses disbelief)Waai! Tomtom tana iuulu yo kat. Mi iŋgi kusu mini mi koso ni tomtom sananŋana!That's incredible! That man really helped me. But now you (PL) say he is a bad person!
-wailaamaV_TrCompoundweed a sweet potato gardenTiwailaama serembat.They weeded the sweet potatoes.syn-laama
-wailepV_Trwipe away, brush off using some instrument (rib of coconut leaf, stick etc.)Takam sasar, som ke ma tawailep motmooto pa mbeete ki ŋge ma isu lene.We (INC) take a rib of a coconut leaf, or a stick and brush off the worms from the pig's sores.Wailep mbeete suruunu.Wipe away the pus from the sore.syn-kelko-kelko-kelpet-kelpet-kelwai-kelwai-pai2-pai
waissINTJah, I don't like this, expresses frustration, disapproval, disappointment1 Lutum sa itaari mi nu la ma re i, to so sua tana. Pa nu lelem be lutum ipasaana kuliini pepe. Mi tomini, nu lelem isaana pa lutum.; 2 Z ikam yok ma ipawizis ruumu leleene ma isaana, to Y imar ma ire na iso sua tana. Pa leleene be Z ikam mbulu kankaanaŋana tina pepe.; 3 Ŋgo lutum moori be ila nol, mi ni iso sua tana. Pa ni mburaana be ila som tau.; 4 Tomtom buri be ila pa nol. Beso wal tindeeŋi na, tiso nol imap kek. To ni iso sua tana. Pa isombe: "Waiss, wal timbot rimen mi nio aŋgiimi koŋ kosa, so ndabok."One of your (SG) children cuts himself and you go and see him, and then you say this talk. For you do want your (SG) child to harm himself. And also you feel sorry for your child.; Z takes water and makes the inside of the house wet, then Y comes and when he sees it he says this talk. For s/he does not want Z to do that stupid thing.; You (SG) send your daughter to the market, and she says this talk. For she does not want to go.; Somebody is just now going to the market. But when people see him/her, they say that the market is already finished. Then s/he says that talk. For s/he says: "Waiss, if the people had stayed a bit longer and I could have bought a bit of food for myself, it would have been good."Waiss, niom tomtom ta koozi kombotmbot i, niom sananŋoyom kat.Ah, you people of today, you are really bad!
waitasINTJwow!, expresses surprise, delightWaitas, motoyom ila! Zin Koobo tisiŋ ye tuuruŋana ma tile i! (ye boozo mi bibip)Wow, look! The inner island people are coming in carrying ropes of fish! (lot of big fish)
wakNstarchy pudding (made of galip nut or coconut oil mixed in with mashed tapioca, taro, bananas, etc)Sombe uraata biibi sa ipet, inabe taŋgal wak. Ina kini masakŋana, ipet ma boozo. Tite ma ipet boozo, mi tikam pizin tomtom boozo ma tikan.If something important happens, then we (INC) must pound starchy pudding. It is a food that can be divided up among many people. They divide it into many portions, and they give it to many people and they eat it.wak mokstarchy pudding made with tarowak pinstarchy pudding made with bananas-ŋgal wakmash starchy puddingZin tomooto tiŋgal wak sula ndapndap/ kuŋ/ timbiiri.The men are mashing starchy pudding in a wooden mortar.Wak ti, mbuyeeneŋana men.This pudding is really full of oil.-we wakbecome mushyBiidi o serembat inoi inoi ma imumu ma ipedegdeege ma iwe wak.Yams or sweet potatoes boil for a long time and they fall apart and become very soft and mushy.-wakwakV_Intrsoggy (used mainly of rice)Rais iwakwak.The rice is soggy.
-wakwaksubentry ofwak
walNgroup of people, people, persons (more than one)wal biibibig group of people, crowdwal boozomany people, a lot of peoplewal pakansome peoplewal rutwo peoplewal uraata kanworkers, laborers, crewwal ta boozomenall the people, everyone, everybodywal zanŋan mi wal sorokŋanfamous people and poor, insignificant peopleTiwe wal tamen.They became one group./ They became united.Wal tana sorok som.Those people were not insignificant [in number i.e. there were a lot of them]wal ambaimbaiŋan mi wal sananŋangood people and bad peoplefamily members, friends, associateswal tiomyour family, your group of people, your associatesiwal2everyone, the whole groupiwal biibiordinary peopleZin bibip ko tikan su taŋga, mi iti iwal biibi ko takan su tiŋgi.The important people will eat over there, and we ordinary folks will eat here.
-walwaala/ -palpaalaV_TrRedup-paala 'split into pieces lengthwise, cut open'