Mbula - English



-yaV_Trpull something down, bend something downKun ŋonoono tina iya namaana ma be ipol.That breadfruit is bending the branch so much it is about to break.Tamaŋ iya wooro kinzi, mi ikam be izuk meene pa.My father pulled down a kinzi vine, and took it to wrap up a sago parcel.cf-miya1-yaya/ -yyaV_TrBurup be aŋmaŋga na som. Pa mburu biibi mete ma iyya yo.When I tried to get up and stand, I couldn't. For the load is too big and it keeps pulling me down.-yasasaara2V_Trdrag, grab, snatch-miya2V_Intrfall down (only of ripe fruit)We/ Kaŋar/ Liliibi imiya.Mangoes/ Galip nuts/ Talis nuts are falling down.-toptop
yaaba1Nbanana typepin yaabayaaba banana(s)
yaaba2Nfishing lineline used for squaring a buildingAŋkam yaaba tio mi aŋla aŋkeene koŋ ye.I took my fishing string and went [and] caught myself [some] fish.
YaaboN_ProperNameevening starRou ka lele mi pitik biibi ta iyaryaara muŋgu na, ina pitik Yaabo.In the late afternoon the big star that is first shines, that is the Yaabo star.cfBirae
-yaagaV_Trstand on one's tiptoes and/or stretch one's neckTo ti, ni kumbuunu katŋana. Tana iyaaga be ire kat.This fellow , heis short. So he stretches his neck to see better.-yagyaagaV_TrTiyagyaaga ŋguren mi tiurur matan ma timbotmbot.They are stretching their necks and waiting expectantly to see what will happen.
-yaagoV_Intrswim, move by using hands and legspiri kumbum mi nomomZin tiyaago ma tilae mbaaga.They swam across to the other side.Me/ Ŋge iyaago pa yok.A dog / pig swam in the river.squirm, wiggle (used of animals after they have been speared before they die), be in death throesŊge iyaago be imeete.The pig was squirming in its death throes.-yagyaagoV_IntrZin tiyagyaago ta Mala Uunu a.They were swimming there at Mala Uunu.yaagoŋanaN_Inal_Eventswimmingzin wal ta tiute yaagoŋanathose who know how to swim
yaagoŋanasubentry of-yaago
-yaala1V_Intrhave a big litter (used of pigs and dogs)Tomtom tiŋga, ŋge kini iyaala ma boozo kat. Iŋga be iwe ŋge uunu a.That person over there, his pig had a big litter. He is about to become very rich in pigs.Ŋge tiŋga, iyaala mete (=ŋge suruunuŋana)That pig is really having big litters (= pig with lot of liquid)-yalyaalaV_IntrŊge tiŋga iyalyaala ma isu. = Ipeebe ma boozo.That pig has big litters.
-yaala2V_Trthrow away contents, throw away something that is in a dish, a basket, or some other container to one particular placeYaala yok tana ila ne.Throw that water away.Musmuuzu ku ta imbot sula kiri ma ibuuzu na, kam ma yaala ila lene.Your (SG) rubbish that is in the basket and has rotted, take [it] and throw [it] away.Sombe leembe popoŋana sa imar kar, to zin moori tiyaali.If a new visitor comes to the village, the women throw water on him [as a welcoming ceremony].syn-liŋ-swaana-swiiri-sipliŋ; -sipil; -yaala; -swaagawash sago, stir and squeeze watery sago pulp to get the starch outMeene siŋiiniŋana tana, ni iyaala pa teltelŋa.That starchy sago pulp, he washes it three times as he processes it.yaalaŋanaN_Inal_Eventwelcome ceremony of throwing water on new visitors
yaamba1Nfetish, magical fetishmagic done using fetishes, sorcery (this type of magic is usually harmful and is done with words using various sorts of fetishes)Sombe nu urla ki yaamba, inako ikamu. Sombe urla som, na yaamba irao ikamu som.If you (SG) believe in magic, it can affect you. If not, then magic won't be able to affect you.Aŋre tiem isu lele sa, tona aŋkam yaamba pakpakŋaana sa pu ma meete.If I see your (SG) feces somewhere, then I will work some bad [Lit. 'bitter'] sorcery on you (SG) and you will die.yaamba sananŋana, yaamba mbolŋanabad sorcery, nasty sorcery-kam yaambawork sorcery, do magic, perform magicZin Mereu tikamam yaamba popoŋana ma ipedet.The West New Britain people are doing a new kind of magic.-mbuk kunu--leŋ yaamba2instructed in how to work magic, know how to do magic, initiated into magical practices (Lit. 'hear magic')To tana, ni ileŋ yaamba boozo ka zaala. Pa tamaana iso i pa.That man, he has heard [i.e. knows] many ways of doing sorcery. For his father taught him about it.pu; -po; -mbuk kunu-cfnaborouyaambaŋa-N_Inal_Stativesorcerer, magicianNi tomtom yaambaŋana.He is a sorcerer.wal yaambaŋansorcerers
-yaamba2V_Trscold, reprimand, cross, rebukeNu yaamba yo paso?Why do you (SG) scold me?Zin peeze kan tiyaamba zin naŋgaŋ.The village leaders scolded the youngsters.Ni isombe yaambu, na lelem iŋgis pepe.If he scolds you (SG), do not get offended.-yamyaambaV_Trscold repeatedlyNio aŋyamyaamba zin bekena aŋpazal zin.I keep scolding them in order to straighten them.-ŋasasaara
yaambabiNthree lengths of sago thatchingyaambabi tathree lengths of sewn sago thatchingyaambabi rusix lengthsluluunu tanamed after a person from Birik village who established this way of counting thatching
-yaara1V_Intrsail (using wind as power)Tiyaara ma tila pa Malei.They sailed to Malai.Tiyaara ma tila, mi Yesu mataana ŋenŋeene.As they sailed and went, Jesus was very sleepy.-kunyaara2V_Trgo against the wind or sea, buck (Lit. 'cover-sail'), go ahead in spite of some obstacleDuubu mi miiri ma lele isaana. Tamen niam amoto som. Amkunyaara ma amla.There were wind and waves, and the weather was very bad. But we (EXC) were not afraid. We just went on despite the weather.Ŋge ikunyaara siiri, mi iyooto ma ila lene.The pig went ahead against the fence and was able to get out.cf-ye2
-yaara2V_Intrshine, give off light, glow, radiateLolo niini iyaara ma ikakat saamba.Lightning flashed and went across the sky.Amre koroŋ ta iyaara kembei ta pitik.We (EXC) saw something that shined like a star.Mat sa be iyaara.Let there be light.Iwe kembei kai pu be iyaara pu mi iso u pa zaala.It becomes like a torch for you (SG), giving light for you and showing you the road.Yaŋ imap, to zoŋ iyaara mini.The rain ended, and then the sun shined again.Mbeŋ na, puge mataana iyaaraAt night the crocodile's eyes shine.-yaryaaraV_Intrshine (used of moon, sun, lamp)Zoŋ iyaryaara pizin wal ambaimbaiŋan mi wal sananŋan tomini.The sun shines on good people and also on bad people.Puulu iyaryaara.The moon was shining.mata- iyaara/ iyaryaara(be) alive, exist (Lit. 'eye shines/is shining')Tomtom tana imaŋga ma mataana iyaryaara.That person got up and became alive.Leleyom ipata pepe. Mataana iyaara mini kek.Do not have heavy hearts. His eyes are shining again [i.e he is alive].Ni ta ikiskis ti mi tombot matanda yaryaara.It is he who strengthens us (INC) and keeps us alive.Iti tuurla ki Yesu, to tombot matanda yaryaara ma alok.When we (INC) believe in Jesus, then we will live eternally.open one's eyesMaŋga mi motom iyaara. Keene ndabok!Get up and open your (SG) eyes. You have slept enough!-kelyaara2V_Trshine brightly into someone's eyes, dazzle (Lit. 'dig-radiate')Zoŋ ikelyaara yam.The sun dazzled us (EXC).-payaaraV_Trgive life, make alive, enliven, give life to (used of both spiritual and physical life)Bubuŋana Potomŋana ipayaryaara iti.The Holy Spirit makes us (INC) alive.refresh, revive, stir to actionTiwin kopi be ipayaryaara iti.Let us (INC) drink coffee so that it refreshes us.-payaryaara suakeep something happening by talking about itTaparyaryaara sua be uraata ilonloondo ma irao uraata tina imap kat.We (INC) keep talking about the work so the work will continue to run well until the work is finished.-piyaara2V_Trhold a light in such a way that one can see betterPiyaara kai be aŋre lele.Hold the torch up high so I can see better.yaryaaraŋa-N_Inal_Stativeshining, shinypat ndabokbokŋan matakiŋa ta kan mos yaryaaraŋan iall kinds of precious stones which were shinymata- yaryaaraŋa-N_Inal_StativelivingAnutu mata yaryaaraŋanathe living GodNi ta ipututu koroŋ matan yaryaaraŋan ta boozomen.It is he that feeds all living things.synkalaŋa-giving lifesua mata yaryaaraŋanaliving word(s), words of lifekini/yok mata yaryaaraŋanaliving food (food/ water that gives life)mbotŋana mata yaryaaraŋana2eternal life
-yaara3V_Intrspread out, extend toToono kizin Mbula ka mbasa iyaara su Kabe mi Aupwel lukutuunu ma imar imiili su Sampanan.The border of the Mbula people's land spreads to [the area] between Kabe and Aupwel villages and then comes back ending at Sampanan village.Naman naman pakan tiyaara ma tila.Some of the branches extend out.-booboyaara2V_Trcall out to someone from a distance so many people can hearNu booboyaara yo paso? Nu re iŋgi niam tomooto amlup yam som? Riŋa mi luŋke yo ma aŋma tona tapazal koroŋ tana.Why did you (SG) call me? Did you not see that we men are having a meeting? [You should have come and quietly pulled me away and then we (INC) could have straightened out that thing.Moori ta sobe mata konŋana, to tomtom sa ibooboyaari pa kini pizin leembe. Naso ka miaŋ pa waene bizin tileŋ kek, tona inoi kini pizin.If a woman is stingy, then somebody will call to her from a distance to her concerning [food for] the visitors. Then she will be ashamed because all of her associates have heard it, and then she will [have to] cook for the visitors-kamyaara3V_Trscatter (people, literally: 'do-spread')Ni ikamyaara zin tomtom ma tikam pirik.He scattered the people and they fled off in different directions.attack, start a violent actionNi ikamyaara pa malmal muŋgu.He attacked first.-kotyaara3V_Trshatter, hit something in such a way that the pieces scatter off in different directions (Lit. 'break by hitting-spread')Ni ikotyaara kuuru sakrai kiti ma imiyaara.He shattered our (INC) clay pot and the pieces scattered in different directions.-maŋgayaara2V_Trget everyone moving (Lit. 'get up-spread')Ni imaŋgayaara iti pa uraata.He got us all moving and ready to work.drive out, awayYesu imaŋgayaara zin wal ŋgomo kan ilela Urum Merere.Jesus stormed in and drove tout he sellers in the Lord's House.Ambutultul leyam ma ambotbot, mi Mark imangayaara yam ma amko papirik.We (EXC) were just sitting around [and talking] and Mark drove us away and we went off in different directions.-mbimyaara3V_Trshout, or yell at from a distance (Lit. 'push-spread')Nu mbot molo mi mbimyaara mar piam paso? Mar kolouŋana to sope yam.Why do you (SG) shout at us (EXC) from a distance? Come close to us and speak to us.-miyaara2V_Intrspill over, spreadRais imiyaara ma irao lele.The rice spilled all over the place.-pityaara sua2V_Trtalk about something in order to stir people to action, talk up (Lit. 'recount-spread')Pityaara sua paso? Ko ipei malmal ma iŋgi.Why do you (SG) talk up the matter? It will stir up a fight or something.-soyaara2V_Trtalk out, reveal, announce, declare, proclaim (Lit. 'say-spread')syn-paŋarai-tiyaara3V_Trsow, scatter (seeds etc.), spread out, shake off
-yaarambelV_TrCompounddazzle (Lit. 'radiate-harm')Aŋyooto pa ruumu, mi zoŋ iyaarambel motoŋ. Tabe aŋre kat lele som.I came out of the house and the sun dazzled my eyes. So I could not see properly.Azuŋka ki Merere iyaara papiliu zin ma iyaarambel matan.The glory of the Lord shined around them and dazzled their eyes.-ŋgal mata-
-yaaruV_Trpull, draw, dragZin Koobo tiyaaru wooŋgo ma tila yok.The inner island people pulled a [log which was to be made into a] canoe to the river [where it could be floated out to their island].syn-yakat2lead a procession (ceremonial)Zin tiyaaru zin naŋgaŋ popoŋan ma tila be tikam pombolŋana (konfimesen).They led the procession of young people along so they could receive their blessing (i.e. be confirmed).influence someone to do something, draw, leadBubuŋana iyaaru yam ma amla ki Yesu.The Spirit draws us (EXC) to Jesus.Ni iyaaru zin naŋgaŋ ma tito zaala sananŋana.He led the youngsters to follow a bad road/way of life.-yaaru NP ki ndeme-pull something backwardsZin wok wiini tiyaaru tomtom kuumbuŋana tana ki ndemeene, mi tikami ma tila.The policemen dragged the thief back, and took him away.-yaryaaruV_TrSanaana ta iyaryaaru iti ma tapa ŋobŋoobo.It is sin that is influencing us (EXC) and cause us to walk/live in a wrong way.-yaaru tataata2forcefully drag awayTomtom tiyaaru tataati ma ila.They dragged him along.yaaruŋanaN_Inal_Eventceremonial procession
yaaruŋanasubentry of-yaaru
-yabakesV_IntrCompoundmove across, go across (from one place to another), shift toNio aŋsala mbu ta, mi aŋyabakes la mbu toro.I climbed up one areca nut palm, and shifted to another one. [without going down one and climbing up the other one].synkakes laeŋes laekeŋ lanama- iyabakesgo from one fight to anotherTiporou ma tila ma naman yabakes pa pataŋana toro ta uriiziŋana na. To tikam men malmal pa ma tila.They fought and went on and then they got involved in another fight over the problem that happened the other day. So they kept on fighting over that and went on.kwo- iyabakes pa sua toroshift from one topic of discussion to anotherIti toposop sua ki toono zen mi niom loŋa kwoyom iyabakes ila pa sua toro.We (INC) have not finish the talk about the land yet and you (PL) have quickly shifted to another topic.kwo- ikakes
yaboroNtobacco rolled up in a tobacco leaf (instead of paper), cigarKoi ta tulul pa namanda i, ina ampaata be 'yaboro'. Tulul pa pepa som, tulul koi men.Tobacco that we (INC) roll up with our hands, that we (EXC) call 'yaboro.' (We do not roll it with paper, we only roll the tobacco [leaves].)Tomtom taŋga kanŋa yaboroŋana men, tana kwoono kuziini.That man over there only smokes cigars, therefore his mouth smells.Tipel/ tilul yaboro.They rolled a cigar.Ni isen/ikan yaboro.He inhaled on the cigar.Ni kwo kuziini yaboroŋana.His mouth smells of cigars.Nu pel yaboro pepe. Pa iŋgi koi tamen ta ti? Ko kom toro iŋgoi?Don't roll a cigar. For there is only this one [tobacco leaf]. Where do you think you will get another?